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** UPDATE **

Got a great crew. Thanks to all that responded, I really appreciate the help.

Kevin Wesley


My one man service crew can't make it to LSPR so I'm in need of a crew member.

Myself and the co-driver can actually service the car, I really just need somebody to get the service vehicle around the event. If you have an extra that might be able to help me out and just drive between the services, that would be great.

I'm running the Club events in G2 as Seed 5. That will give you an idea of the start order and where we might fall for service times.
I'll be fully stocked with generator, lights, canopy and such if somebody wants to share some equipment.

I also still have one extra room in Houghton at a Best Western for Thurs. - Sat. Happy to offer that up for some assistance.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Kevin Wesley
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