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A couple of tidbits...

Many libraries have "local business directories" in the phone book section. These list businesses based on location and type of business. They tell you (assuming that the directory is current), how big the company is, their annual sales, name of top management, etc.

This is not useful for how to write a letter, but it can be handy for creating the list of who to send to. Local companies may not have big bucks for you, but you might be amazed at the parts you can get. Getting nice switches and relays across the dash may not be from a check, it could be from some small firm's prototype parts bin (samples that they decided not to use, or can't use for regulatory reasons).

In regards to spelling, many Americans do feel that it is an important part of being professional. People are pointing it out in an effort to help, and many will likely make help available. My spelling is not that great (I miss the old spellcheck) and I misspelled two words in this so far (that I have caught). I keep www.onelook.com up fairly often to check spelling (I can usually recognise a misspelled word, even if I don't see exactly what is wrong). If you want spell checking, just ask. I know I would be willing to proofread a letter and many other people would, too. You will likely get content suggestions, some you will listen to and some you won't.

But again, if you want a proofreader, email me your letter when you are done. If I get a thousand letters, I will eventually retract the offer, but I doubt I will. A lot of people on this board are critical. However, critical and willing to help makes a great combination when you are trying to work the bugs out of something.

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