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You just don't get it ...do you?

The hole you are digging is getting deeper and deeper.

As a person in your positon should be "making friends" (especially in this North American Rally Community that you claim to be so adamant about)...not giving them more and more ammunition to shoot you down with.

I'm sure this type of attitude will not go a long way for Toyota Canada... and all the other sponsors you are representing to further support Rally or any other Motorsport for that matter (he says tongue in cheek).

"A person who can't take a joke...usually ends up a joke"

(forgive me John V.if I don't quote you correctly, but I think I've made the point known)

I can't help but feeling embarrassed for you ....so... if you keep it up Jerry...you will be well on your way to becoming a joke.

Richard Michaluk
Day Trippers Pro Rally Team
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