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Need a Sno*Drift hotel room

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Would like to stay relatively close to HQ. Don't really want to stay 12 miles away. If anyone has a cancellation, please let me know at [email protected] ASAP. Would like 2 beds, but just 1 is doable. If you have room for 2 other people in your room too, that'd be ok.

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If you have a room within 12 miles of Atlanta consider it (very) close. I am not sure if you have been to the event before, but the majority of competitors, workers, and spectators will be staying 12 or more miles away from HQ. The saving grace is that HQ is within 20 miles of all the stage roads -- very compact area for the number of available stage miles.

Most rooms are booked in Montmorency County (a 25 mile radius).

If you don't yet have a room, Gaylord is the best bet, but it is still worth calling all the closer places. Gaylord also has the advantage of being much larger -- offereing almost all of the ammenities you expect to find near any good sized population base.

I'll be updating all the hotel info on the website over the holidays, stay tuned.

One last possibility: One of the local residents is coordinating a list of cabins to rent, we will link his site to ours when ready.

Let us know if you have any questions.
2003 Sno*Drift RallyMaster

P.S. As is typical the roads were in great condition today (Sunday), no snow banks yet, but nice ice base with a light dusting of fresh snow and more falling. Keep the Sno gods happy, so we get lots of the white stuff!
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