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Thinking of running Tall Pines in Ontario?

I'm looking to co-drive for someone in a Group 2 car at the Tall Pines on Nov 22-23 weekend.

If you're thinking of running your Group 2 car, but need an experienced Nationally licensed Canadian co-driver, let me know. I'd be interested in running with you. I've co-driven at least a dozen rallies over the past 5 years.....

Dave Sharp
email: dave dot sharp at canada dot com
Phone: 780-993-8156

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I know a guy hoo's looking for a codriver....

he will pay for everything...

Its a Justy....its not me ;-) but i think you will need to speak french....

Urgent besoin co-pilot pour Tall Pines
dans justy P-1 National,sur de finir ,sur de partir,déja inscrit ,motel reservé,équipe service prete,
Partagerons la bourse de Subaru a deux.
Peut fournir équipement : nomex,casque.

email to : [email protected]

Alain Lavoie

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You may get it anyway. Check with CARS. Don't have the rulebook here and its worded very vague but is worded to say that in order for a championship to be awarded, the winner (key word) must have entered 50% of events. In this case, the winner has competed in 50%, therefore, there is a championship to award. Confirm with Linda.
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