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>First of all I don't have anything against fast teams in
>regional events.
>Check out the entry list. Iorio, ACP, and Utecht are all
>racing the regional event. Sweet. I say let's just run two
>big races with everyone all together since we are all just
>divisional racers anyway. The only thing different between
>the national and divisional teams is the amount of resources
>they have, and some contingency opportunity anyway.
>I know I am an opinionated bugger and I apologize if I come
>off the wrong way but I do have to chuckle a bit at this
>On a more serious side I wonder what is behind an effort to
>sell a national series. Until we get some serious help or
>factory teams back it will only be like it was last year,
>without Pat.
>So in the interest of being positive I offer a few ideas:
>1. Focus on the development of local rally clubs. This is
>done everywhere else where rally works.
>2. Tow freakin' fund. That would help get more than a
>handful of people to the rallies.
>3. TV coverage for all the class winners and cars being
>*driven* quickly, not just a couple of seconds either. At
>least 2 shots. Using local folks to get the cameras to a good
>locations is a great idea that I have heard kicked around.
>Rally TV had some great footage.
>I like what I have seen so far from RA. Keep up the good work
>guys. TV2GO rocks.

i agree with you jake i mean it would be awesome to have them do waht you said
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