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RE: Credit should go to TAD in one case

>It's amazing how many
>cars out there have poor quality welds and many of the welds
>don't go around the circumference of the tubing (again, esp.
>near the roof panel) leaving a major weakness in the cage.
>It's surprising how some of these cars have log books.

I caught one, and had the poor owner (now ever poorer) re-cage the thing; you would be surprised at the professional organization that sold this car claiming that the cage was 'legal'. The orignal log book was issued by a very highly regarded organization; it went through the hands of another organization and may have gotten poorly recaged for whatever reason; the history of the cage and where the problems arose is very uncertain. All I can say is that the logbook bears the issuing signature of a well known person in the original and highly regarded organization.

So not all 'pro' organizations are equal. The only way this got caught was that a totally disinterested party (me) did an annual and caught the problems (incomplete welds, .065 wall tubes in some places, etc.). I am not totally sure whay I am writing this now... maybe it's to warn all to 'caveat emptor!', not matter who you buy things from....

Thanks for posting the information, Peter. That picture IS a good testimonial to the builder. I hope you are personally doing better.

Mark B.
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