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Specialty Subaru Mountain Trials Rally

October 5, 2002 in Merritt, BC CANADA
Round 5 of the Western Canadian Rally Championship
Presented by Yokohama Tires


For Immediate Release

MERRITT, BC (Oct. 6/2002) - Vancouver-based rally driver Scott Trinder won the Specialty Subaru Mountain Trials Rally held in and around the Nicola Valley near Merritt, B.C. this past weekend. Driving a Production class RSport Rally Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Trinder finished 12 seconds ahead of his nearest rival, Janusz Komorowski of Calgary, AB who piloted a much more powerful turbocharged Open class Eagle Talon to second place.

The win sends Trinder to the head of the pack in the tight race for the 2002 Western Canadian Rally Championship presented by Yokohama. After five of six rounds, he has a slim lead of four points, 44 to 40, over Gord Olsen of Brooks, AB. In fact, going into the final race of the season in Bragg Creek, AB on November 10th, there are still five drivers with a mathematical chance of claiming the 2002 title.

The championship leader before the event was Gord Olsen and he did make an appearance here in his powerful Group 2 Volkswagen Golf to try and extend his lead. However Olsen's rally came to an end on special stage four when he encountered a grouse crossing the rally route. "There was a loud thud and a shower of feathers across the windshield," said Kathy Olsen, Gord's wife and co-driver. Unfortunately, the pair were forced to retire with a hole in their oil cooler while running second overall.

For Trinder, who just missed a top five placing at the SCCA Wild West Rally down in Olympia, WA last month, this victory was particularly sweet. He and his co-driver (and father) Bob were fast from the start, taking an early lead and setting a quick pace against their main rival, Komorowski. The pair completed 141.8 kilometers of special stages - the competitive portion of the event run flat-out against the clock on gravel roads that are closed to public - in one hour, forty-two minutes and twenty four seconds.

The rally drew entries from across Western Canada, Washington and Oregon, helping to ensure a broad field of competitors. At the finish, the podium even held a representative from three regions with a driver from B.C. in first place, followed by others from Alberta and Washington.

The Active Mountain Park just south of Merritt hosted a series of special stages on a network of private roads usually reserved for campers at the famous Merritt Music Mountain Festival. At the Mountain Trials Rally, competitors raced one minute apart along a 6.46 kilometer section in front of several hundred thrilled spectators.

The winner of the last event held in Merritt, the Pacific Forest Rally, Mehran Arefi of North Vancouver and Dan Mclean of Victoria, rolled their Subaru Impreza WRX heavily on the second special stage. The pair had started the day well, posting the fourth fastest time on the first special stage, but got it all wrong while traveling too fast through a series of tight corners. Despite crashing out of the race, Mclean was later seen helping out another team at the Lordco Auto Parts service point, and showing that rally isn't necessarily about winning.

Meanwhile, another promising young team earned their first Canadian podium spot after trying hard all year. The Washington based novice team of Ross Foster and Alan Perry finished third overall in their Production class Mazda 323GTX after pushing hard all day. They ran consistently near the top throughout the day and even posted fastest time on special stage eight.

One of the tightest battles of the race emerged as a tie in the Group 2 class for modified two-wheel drive vehicles. Noah Third of Portland, OR, along with co-driver Jason Lane of Burnaby, BC, drove their immaculately prepared Volkswagen Golf to tie for the class win with Carey Wright and Dave Kean, both of Seattle, WA, in their Mazda RX7. The final few stages were incredibly tense for these crews as the slippery conditions of the roads favoured the all wheel drive vehicles, yet there they were locked in a fierce competition right to the end.

And, finally, in the Production under class for vehicles with smaller capacity engines, the ALS Rally Team of Martin Wilson from Vancouver and Dennis Wende of Coquitlam brought their "trusty" Subaru Justy home in 10th place. In doing so the pair have now clinched the 2002 Western Canadian Championship for the Production under class. Congratulations to this determined crew for their efforts in raising awareness of ALS while "rallying for the cure".

Many thanks go out to the people of Merritt for their warm welcome, especially the ranchers and business owners who supported this event. Thanks also to event sponsors Specialty Subaru, Yokohama Tires, Merritt Lordco, Polaris Water, Merritt Tirecraft and OMP - Driver's Edge Autosport.

And with that the 2002 Western Canadian Rally Championship has come down to the final event: the Kananaskis Rally, November 10th in Bragg Creek, Alberta. For more details about this event and other rallies, check out the BC rally website: http://www.rallybc.com

- 30 -

For more information contact:
Paul Westwick [email protected] (604) 682-3296, or
Ken Kwong [email protected] (604) 808-0536.

Photography is also available, please contact the organizers.

2002 Mountain Trials Rally - Final Results
Pos | Driver | Co-Driver | Car | Class | Time
1. | Scott Trinder | Bob Trinder | 98 Subaru 2.5RS| Production Over | 1:42:24
2. | Janusz Komorowski | Keith Morison | 92 Eagle Talon| Open | 1:42:36
3. | Ross Foster | Alan Perry | 88 Mazda 323 GTX | Production Over | 1:44:24
4. | Carey Wright | Dave Kean | 86 Mazda RX7 | Group 2 | 1:51:58
5. | Noah Third | Jason Lane | 88 VW Golf GTI | Group 2 | 1:51:58
6. | Zbigniew Szewczyk | Tomasz Karzynski | 88 Toyota Celica AllTrac | Production Over | 1:52:00
7. | Maciej Ogrocki | Joe Payne | 00 Subaru 2.5RS | Production Over | 1:52:32
8. | Graham Burnley | Martin Burnley | 98 Subaru 2.5RS | Production Over | 1:56:24
9. | Derek Bottles | Rebecca Galfer | 85 VW Golf GTI | Group 2 | 1:57:41
10. | Martin Wilson | Dennis Wende | 92 Subaru Justy | Production Under | 2:05:05
11. | Bud Stanley | Dwayne Jackman | 86 Toyota MR2 | Group 2 | 2:08:28
12. | Penny Zuk | Rome Awde | 85 VW Golf GTI | Production Under | 2:08:31
13. | Mehran Arefi | Dan McLean | 02 Subaru WRX | Production Over | DNF - Rollover
14. | Gord Olsen | Kathy Olsen | 92 VW Golf GTI | Group 2 | DNF - Grouse/oil cooler
15. | Ted Wilkinson | Bill Westhead | 80 Toyota Corolla | Group 2 | DNF - Fuel system
16. | Richard Penrose | Tony Penrose | 82 Toyota Corolla | Group 2 | DNF - Clutch
17. | Chad Manley | Travis Streb | 81 Toyota Celica | Group 2 | DNF - Water pump

2002 Western Canadian Rally Championship
Date | Event | Place | Winners
March 24 | Ranchlands Rally | Cochrane, AB | Jim Dewitte / Joe Proteau
May 19 | Bighorn Rally | Edson, AB | Gord and Kathy Olsen
May 25-26 | Rocky Mtn Rally | Calgary, AB | Gord and Kathy Olsen
June 8 | Pacific Forest Rally | Merritt, BC | Mehran Arefi / Dan McLean
October 5 | Mountain Trials | Merritt, BC | Scott and Bob Trinder
Nov. 10 | Kananaskis Rally | Bragg Creek, AB

Special thanks to the following supporters of rallying in BC
Driver's Edge Autosport http://www.ompwins.com
Polaris Water http://www.polariswater.com
Rally Equipment.com http://www.rallyequipment.com
Rocket Rally Racing http://www.rocketrally.com
Specialty Subaru http://www.specialtysubaru.com
Western Driver http://www.westerndriver.com
Wilkinson's Automobilia http://www.eAutomobilia.com
Yokohama Tire http://www.yokohamatire.ca

Bill Westhead
West Coast Rally Association

Faster Mabricator
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Illegal Servicing?

Don't know what you are trying to say but if you are referring to another competitor taking advantage of an illegal service, the time to file an inquiry is within 30 minutes of your final time control.

I am not here anymore
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RE: Illegal Servicing? (long)

OK, let me clear this up.

Ross and I were guilty of illegal service, though reading through the CARS rulebook and the supps, it may not be what folks thought it was. Some of our competitors were aware of it and they chose not to submit an inquiry, despite having a lot to gain from doing so.

Here's the story:

On stage 9, the first run up Helmer, our car lost the c-clip that holds a shift cable in place on the gearbox. During the turn-around wait, we repaired it using a big cotter pin from our car and two parts received from other competitors.

We completed stage 10 with the repair and on the way back to service, we were wondering if we could stop by the motel and get a replacement c-clip from my road car GTX which was parked there, although the repair that we did at the turnaround was holding up fine. I looked through the CARS rulebook and it seemed OK, so we stopped and pulled the clip off of my car. At no time did we work on the rally car (or even open the hood). We then continued on to service and replaced the clip in the service area. While I did not volunteer info about our parts gathering excursion, I would have confirmed it if asked.

As a matter of fact, I was asked about it by two of our competitors at the awards banquet before provisional results were posted and I was completely open with them about it. I still thought we had the rules behind us, so I wasn't expecting a protest. There was none and the results became final.

When I got back to my room, I looked it up again based on some info that I got from the discussion with our competitors and I discovered that we had been guilty of illegal service. However, it wasn't what I had expected.

VII.A.8 of the CARS rules says that the service is "use or receipt by the crew of any manufactured material, ... spare part ... other than those carried in the car." Well, we did not use the part until we arrived in the service area and we didn't so much receive the part as remove it from something that was just there. To me, "receive" means someone gave it to you. I believe what we did in the motel parking lot met the letter of the rule and was not technically illegal service.

However, when we made the repair at the turnaround, we used duct tape given to us by another competitor. We did not carry that duct tape in our car. Our use of it constituted illegal service.

I was going to discuss this with the other competitors the next time that I saw them, possibly at Kananaskis in November. However, someone (who, according to the name listed on his specialstage profile, was not even a competitor at the rally) decided to take the discussion public.

After reviewing the rules, I feel that we did violate the spirit of the rules by getting the part from my road car. I apologize and promise that we won't do that again.

alan perry
co-driver, car #8 Mountain Trials

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RE: Illegal Servicing? (long)

That's unfortunate. The rule may not be quite as confusing as it may seem however; for example, this rule will keep people from stopping at a service station on a transit to pick up some fuses or a rad hose etc... even if they don't actually install the parts on the car until they get back to service.

Here's an interresting question though, if you had arrived back in service before getting the part, would you then have been able to sprint off to snag what you need and come back and install it, or would that be against the rules as well?
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