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A big Widget Thank You to the workers and organizers of Mountain Trials last weekend, and another big thank you to Gary for inviting me to occupy TBA's seat in his Subaru.

The roads were fast, smooth, and awesome. The weather stewards insured we'd have no dust. At every checkpoint the workers were friendly and helpful. The schedule worked out nicely, no o'dark:30 wake-up calls.

Major thanks to Scott Trinder for helping me avoid a time penalty on stage 1 and to Paul for being so patient with me in explaining the timing system. ("You add this number to this number and that number, unless the difference between these two numbers is bigger than that number, in which case you add that number to this number here!") I got the hang of it after the first stage, and appreciated the continued reinforcement from Bill, Alan, and the others around us.

My voice thanks Bob Trinder for rescuing an adapter from my hotel room so I could hook up my Peltor helmet to Gary's Terraphone.

It was my first rally in Canada and I really look forward to racing up north again.

Thank you, everyone!



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I'll second the Big Thank You to everyone that made this event great.

An extra special note goes out to Jeff "The Starter" He was the one that was yelling and making great hand jestures. I know I had better starts on his stages because he was so pumped up to be there!

Thankfully the only off we had was into the grass field on SS1 - little farming, and the only flat we had was on the trailer on the way home!

We had a great time - Thank you!

p.s. Colin - Is it too late to launch a Protest?:7

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>p.s. Colin - Is it too late to launch a Protest?:7

It is! ;-)

Great race Warren and everyone else......we had so much fun at this event, good roads and Great people.

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