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Motul Oils

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With AV Sport gone who is now the official contingency sponsor? Where everyone else buys their Motul products?

Otis Dimiters
NC SUBARU Rally Team
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Contact John Cassidy at Last Ditch Racing. He is a MOTUL distributor.
Contact him at http://www.triplecaution.us/ or [email protected]

RE: NEO Oils

Motul brake fluid is great, dunno much about Motul gear oils.

You can try Lee Shadbolt at Hairpin Racing for NEO Oils. The NEO oils are used in CART and some WR Cars. They have a RHD (Rally Heavy Duty) Gear Oil that seems to work very well in Subaru trannies and others (Xtrac, etc). We are running the NEO regular heavy duty in our Alcan Forester 2.5XT tranny (oil flows well to -84 F) and a mix in the rear diff.

He can be reached at (503) 624-6366 or "[email protected]"

Just listing alternatives... no financial gain to me.
I think NEO HQ is in Bakersfield, CA.

They also have engine oils, CV boot grease, etc

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As New England distributor, and more importantly as a racer, I'm happy to help answer any questions that anyone has about MOTUL products.

As some of you may know, the Subaru WRC team ran MOTUL 300V last year, as did Subaru Canada, AV Sport and Mitsubishi USA.

You can view pdf tech documents on my site at http://www.triplecaution.us

Cheers! John

P.S. I also have access to the MOTUL Europe tech department to answer any questions that you might have.

MOTUL lubricant is the best I ever experience in my Rally Car AE86 Trueno!
and MOTUL USA support and personnel has been excellent to our team for years!
Thanks MOTUL USA!!!

Tony Dela Cuesta
Team DC Autosport

Is there a West Coast distributor ????

If your looking for any distributor. go to your local motorcycle distributor or shop, I think they carries them.
or else call Motul USA direct (909) 625-1292 or e-mail: [email protected] (pamona, calif.)

Tony Dela Cuesta
Team DC Autosport
Support your sport buy from other racers!! Contact John Cassidy (just don't get your hands near his mouth when he is feeding !!!)

Chaste Auto can supply any Motul Oils on the West Coast
[email protected]
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