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4.44 Modena grp N v1 Dogbox and spare gear set

For sale in MN

I have a Modena 5 SPD Group N dog box, ready to install. Has prodrive modified STI clutch style front diff, modified with extra disk, JDM STI center diff. 4.44 final drive. Was JB Niday's tranny, built buy prodrive...CPD...

Rear R160 with Kaaz LSD

$5500 for both

Also have another uninstalled V1 modena gear SET that needs 4th gear replaced due to worn dogs..i can thow in as a "spare".. Has all forks, bearings. Shafts everything but a tranny case...

$2000 for "spare" gear set

-Copied from flat irons:

The Modena Group-N ratios are as follows:

1st gear: 2.917

2nd gear: 2.091

3rd gear: 1.555

4th gear: 1.176

5th gear: 0.900

The Modena Group-N Gear Box is taller down low and shorter up top than the Modena Hybrid Gear Box. They are super tight and super aggressive with the bare minimum of rpm drops between gears to always be in the sweet spot of the engine. This is ideal for a Rally Car that is using a restrictor that dramatically narrows your torque curve.

This kit includes all parts necessary for installation including:

- Modena Motorsports Grade 2-Piece Main Shaft

- All 3 Stainless Steel Shift Forks

- All new Stainless Steel Shift Rods

- Some new bearings (seen in picture)

- Modena Shift Interlocker (to prevent selecting 2 gears at the same time)

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LSD r160 off the market. I do have an open 4.44 I can include in it's place.

New price: $3,500.

Price drop on spare gear set too: $1,750.
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