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Have heard from a pretty reliable source about who will drive for Mitsubishi next year. It sounds like M.Higgins and L. O'Sullivan have been confirmed as the Mitsubishi USA rally drivers for next year. Anybody else hear about this?


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>It would likely be David Higgins not Mark

I thought David signed a long term contract with AV Sport. Could be wrong though.

Congrats to O'Sullivan if it's true. Couldn't happen to nicer guy. Just goes to show if you are talented and work hard, that THERE IS a place for American rally drivers to aspire to.

Dennis Martin
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Yeah, but if I remember correctly (and I'm pretty sure I do) at the conclusion of LSPR the lady who was the Hyundai representative indicated that Hyundai looked forward to defending their championship in 2003. So you can't always believe what you hear when you hear it... :eek:

Kent Gardam

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Lauchlin is an outstanding driver and personable spokesman for any team. I certainly hope these rumors come true. Lauchlin deserves a top ride and will make all of us--the CRS, the SCCA, the Widget Team--proud. Whichever team puts Lauchlin in an Open car will have an excellent prognosis for a championship.

Tell us it is so!


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