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I posted a reply in another forum, I thought this past press release was little suger coated.

This was there reply:

RALLY ON //////////////


Hello guys.

I run the company that handles Jonny's PR for the UK and USA.

I can't help feeling that certain people will look for any excuse to "have a go" at Jonny from what I've read on recent forums. Nothing that we write will change this blinkered outlook to the few - not the majority.

Subie Gal has hit the nail on the head in her post if I may say so.

Our job is to promote Jonny and his rallying to the max. We do that the best we can and we are committed to supporting our client at all times. We respect the opposition but it is not in our interest to promote them. That is why we do what we do, Prodrive issues what it issues, and Mitsi USA do their thing.

If Higgins had retired and Tapsa had won, do you think that Mitsi's PR would have been a glorious tribute to the skills of the flying Finn?

We do not "dream up" a press release for Jonny. Every press release we do is based on a full and genuine description of events from the man himself over the telephone after the event.

Finally, I would ask that you give the the guy a break. If you don't like the way we write a press release, then thats your problem, not Jonny's. He is a top driver, a family man, and a great person to work with. He is also very respectful of the opposition - just as he always has been wherever he competes.

If you have serious issues about how we do our work, then feel free to contact me personally - call me on +44 7813 138 276.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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