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Notably, currently, disappointingly absent -- among others:

- Both SRT-4s
- Les freres oranges, Chris and Andrew
- Havir
- Utecht
- Lawless
- Shane Mitchell
- Drislane
- Matt Johnson
- Randy
- Otis
- Travis (will we ever seen Pastrana on four wheels again?)
- Fuller
- Kennedys
- Brian Goss in the neon Neon...

Never mind The Canadian Invasion which we all know and love:

- Tom & Howard
- ACP & Marc
- Peter Thompson & Rod Hendricksen
- Pat & Nathalie
- Julien & Marie-Eve
- Réjean & Art Losier
- Sylvain & Philippe Erickson
- Steve Quigley
- Jon Nichols
- Gord Olsen

I'm sure I'm insulting 10 other friends and competitive teams by forgetting them, but the point is: just the folks above (who aren't on the MFR entry list... yet?) would be a great rally! Hope to see everybody in Rumford in two weeks!


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>- Les freres oranges, Chris and Andrew

Chris will be there, Andrew will not.

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Early enrty closes today (does not say if it is by postmark or not)
(the more the merrier).
Mark (Utecht) is taking Maine off - nothing against the event, but a number of other commitments prior to Ojibwe.

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That one works, but I only check it every few days.
I haven't seen your message, but I'll check tonight.

adrian <dot> wintle <at> xwave <dot> com is better since it goes to work.

(or substitute honeywell for xwave)


Edit - I replied to your e-mail.

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>Cool, car 611: a '72 Corvette!

Doug owns a muscle car shop. He's only in his second year, but he's learning quickly. The 'Vette is FAST and fairly dependable for a plastic car :) With Mike Hurst's Mustang not around this year, we need something to entertain the spectators...there's nothing quite like a bellowing V8 and RWD on gravel.


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Likewise, will not be there. Spent too much money on STPR and Baie in the last 2 months. 3 events very close together!

BUT, you guys that live close enough should come out and work as I will ;)
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