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04' Official Calendar:

Monte Carlo Rally January 23-25
Swedish Rally February 6-8
Rally Mexico March 11-14
Rally of Argentina April 30-May 2
Cyprus Rally May 14-16
Acropolis Rally May 28-30
Rally of Turkey June 24-27
Rally of New Zealand July 15-18
Rally Finland August 5-8
Deutschland Rally August 18-20
Rally of Japan September 2-5
Rally GB September 16-19
Rally of Italy September 30-October 3
Tour of Corsica October 14-17
Catalonia Rally October 28-31
Rally Australia November 11-14

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New Zealand has secured a date change and will now run in Mid-April (Autumn) rather than the middle of winter. Not sure if Argentina will be a bit later to accomodate the change. Looks like we will also get an exemption from the one service park rule so will see a return to the good roads around Raglan and the Whaanga Coast.

Seems the new format with same day recce and competition wont work at several events with one service park as the transit distances are too great.

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Kiwis want to come in from the cold
September 16, 2003
Next year?s long-awaited World Rally Championship calendar could change, to rescue the Rally of New Zealand from its mid-winter slot.

If current plans are approved, New Zealand will swap with the Rally of Argentina and would therefore be held on April 30-May 2. Argentina would take place on July 16-18.

The New Zealand organisers are anxious to avoid the middle of winter, on the basis that heavy rain is a strong possibility. Poor weather could make it harder to find a suitable service area. In 1998, flooding temporarily cut off the rally from Auckland. The Rally of Argentina was last held in July in 1996. The Cordoba region is generally drier in winter than summer.

Philip J. Boer
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