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Registration link:
(well, helps if you live near Ottawa...)

Instructors from the Motorsport Club of Ottawa: Robert Roadli, Mike Koch, Steve Carrick, Craig Hamm, Warren Haywood

This course will examine and explain the sport of automobile rallying as practised today in Canada. It will present an overview of the two categories of rallies: navigational and performance rallies, their sanctioning bodies, and the legal, licensing, and insurance ramifications for competitors, organizers and volunteer workers. The basic concepts of navigational rallying will be explained in the first few sessions. In the latter half of the course, the fundamental aspects of performance rallying will be examined. This will include automobile preparation as required by current rules, including aspects of safety, car modification in the various classes, co-driver and driver training and licensing, and a walk-through of a typical rally competition weekend.

- Overview of sport: ASN, CARS RSO, Clubs
- Intro to TSD, drivex, navex, historic and Perf general principles
- Levels of competition: club, regional (ORRC, OPRC), national, WRC"
Start of TSD Instruction: basic concepts, layout of a rally, sections, odo check, legs etc

"Continuation of TSD instruction: examination of all basic rally instr types starting with simple and proceeding to complex
- Tulips
- Distance to turns
- Accum and non-accum distances
- tabular columns
- clock faces
- compass headings
- road counting
- topo and other maps
- Straight line diagrams (herring bone)
- blind maps
- coded sequences
- misc"

"Examination of TSD timing
- simple calculator methods
- more advanced electronic methods
- EOL and MTC calcs"

"Auxiliary Odometer equipment
- basic explanation of how they work and how to install
- costs and/or difficulty of building"

"Rally Organization
-general principles
- diff between TSD and Perf
- legal requirements
- townwship and police alerts
- media
- radio control
- publicity"

"Marshalling of TSD and Perfs
- cp and stage end procedures/preparations
- legal aspects
- control of public
- control of competitors"

"Driver's meeting for upcoming TSD practice rally
- explanation of instructions, start procedure, scoring, etc"
TSD Practice Rally

"Practice Rally Wrap-up
- results, commments, etc"
Co-driver seminar, incl equipment prep (non-car), helmets etc
Continuation of co-driver seminar
Performance rally timing

"Targa Newfoundland Discussion
- rules for touring vs racing
- timing methods
- control procedure
- car prep
- logistics"

"Rally Car Exhibit and Discussion
- TSD equipment
- Perf equipment and preparation/maintenance
- costs, CARS requirements etc"

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Unfortunately, the Algonquin rally school did not gather the support of 12 students, so the college cancelled it. We feel maybe the course timing was off (sounds like a navigator issue?!), and that the advertising was a little late on the college's part. We will target the Jan-March 2006 time frame. Stay tuned! We don't give up that easy.
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