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North Yorkshire driver Terry Maynard has decided after all these years in and out of rallycross with a series of cars he has decided to come back with a bang in the Retro Rallycross Series with the late Trevor Hopkins Haynes Ford RS200.

Terry bought the car a month ago from its owner Ken Block through a British contact, but it needs restoring and rebuilding.
Ideal for something that was iconic in British Rallycross in Hopkins hands.

Terry with his son Neil of Maynard Motorsport will rebuild the car and hopes to have it for the Rallycross Grandprix at Croft towards the end of 2015 with a view to contesting a full Retro Rallycross Series.

“The fans need to see Group B cars back in Rallycross aswell as the current cars” as the Monsters of the former World Championship from 85-86 where outlawed and many ended up taking to part tarmac part gravel tracks across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Terry says “when its finished you are all welcome to sit in this car in the same seat as Trevor Hopkins sat in and have your photos taken for your facebook sites.”

There is a facebook site put together between Terry, son Neil and friend Mark Lowe which will show the stripdown and restoration pics aswell as pics of the car when it ran with Trevor from various sources and fans that have joined the Facebook page of Trevor Hopkins Rallycross RS200 Restoration. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1543167609275236/

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