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Ahhh Lunch (after our jelly donut breakfast of course).
Much thanks to all who contributed to the ProRally Pikes Peak potluck last saturday....

Wolfgang & Julie for the carrot sticks
John Dillon for the healthy stuff (power bars & trail mix)
Cindy & Doug for the salad and Italian dressing.
JB and big Al for dessert (twinkies)
Mark and I had the entree; gyro meat, pita bread and of course, taziki sauce, all courtesy of Jake & Tellies restaurant in Old Co. Springs. (Where we again had a fantastic meal on Friday night).

See the RallyAmerica website for a photo of the spread on the "tea tray" of our WRX.

I am sorry for all the yellow shirts, as there were no leftovers.

- next year, gotta get the ProDrive guys to bring up a blender for the drinks
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