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Results are official, prizes have been awarded, and here are the final MaxAttack! results from the 2011 Lake Superior Rally.

1. Jan Zedril/Jody Zedril, Mitsubishi Lancer, 2:20:34
2. Joseph Burke/Alex Kihurani, Ford Fiesta R2, 2:22:32
3. Billy Mann/Mary Warren, Honda Civic, 2:33:13
4. Silas Himes/Matt Himes, Honda Civic, 2:33:29
5. Chris Czyzio/Jeff Secor, Volvo 240, 2:46:15
6. Ian Seppanen/Daniel Clark, Nissan 240SX, 2:58:48
7. Steve Brockelman/Dustin Masters, GMC Sonoma, 2:59:21
8. Cameron Steely/Josh Buller, Ford Focus, 3:01:20
9. Daryn Chernick/Matt Conte, VW GTi, 3:08:34
DNF. Mark Huebbe/John Huebbe, VW Beetle, unknown
DNF. Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson, Plymouth Neon, motor
DNF. Derek McCorison/Paul Johansen, Hyundai Tiburon, unknown
DNF. Bryan Holder/Tracy Payeur, Plymouth Neon, suspension
DNF. Dillon Van Way/Jake Blattner, Ford Fiesta, clutch
DNF. David Grenwis/Drew Burkholder, electrical
DNF. Mychal Summers/Ryan DesLauriers, Mazda RX-7, mechanical
DNF. Paul Donlin/Jonathan Tinsey, Ford Escort, belt
DNF. Jim Scray/Colin Vickman, Datsun 510, motor
DNF. Matt Bushore/Andrew Bushore, VW Jetta, transmission
DNF. Erik Hill/Oliver Cooper, Eagle Talon, transmission
DNF. Kristofer Yahner/Tony Benusa, VW GTI, mechanical

The money winners were:
$1500 - Jan Zedril/Jody Zedril
$1200 - Joseph Burke/Alex Kihurani
$1000 - Billy Mann/Mary Warren
$800 - Silas Himes/Matt Himes
$500 - Chris Czyzio/Jeff Secor.

By virtue of being the only team at LSPR that ran one of the east or west coast qualifying events, the single starting point earned by Dillon Van Way and Jake Blattner was enough to claim the 2011 Jake Himes Cup.

The winner of the Alex Gelsomino Novice Co-Driver award was Mary Warren, who co-drove in the #37 Honda Civic for driver Billy Mann this weekend. She receives a $500 cash prize from Alex, co-driver for the Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta. Alex has been a staunch supporter of the MaxAttack! championship, and we would like to thank him very much for his continued generosity.

Another special award was the Max Improver Award, presented by the Terra Firma Clothing Company. This award is presented to the MaxAttack! team that improved the most from their start position to their finish position. There was a clear winner, but there was another performance that was impressive enough to cause Terra Firma to issue a second prize. The second place finishers were Daryn Chernick and Matt Conte in a VW GTI. They each receive a $15 credit from Terra Firma. The winner was the GMC Sonoma crew of Steve Brockelman and Dustin Masters, who each receive $25 towards Terra Firma clothing. Thank you Terra Firma for providing this award.

I would like to offer another correction to a previously-issued press release. The Zedrils' Mitsubishi Lancer is not turbocharged, as we originally stated. Their car runs in Group 5 in Canada because their normally-aspirated motor exceeds CARS Group 2 specifications. But it does fit into Rally America Group 2 regulations. Hence the confusion.

MaxAttack! would like to thank the Danza del Sol winery for their support of the program. Thanks also to the competitors who believe in the sprit of two-wheel-drive grassroots rallying, and also the organizers who make MaxAttack! feel so welcome at their events. Thanks also to Rally America for their support and assistance in 2011. It has been a great season.

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Congratulations to all who finished.
Way to go Zedrils, great job on the MaxAttack!! win, as far as I know a first for a Canadian team!
I hope you guys are coming to Tall Pines, I'm hoping for a strong 2WD field, so we can have a good battle.

Great reporting Eric and Ben, I've been watching all weeknd.


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Thanks again for keeping us up on the weekend. Especially the team reports. Waiting for more photos.
Some day we will be part of MA with our car, until then we cheer all on from the rally garage.

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Your private message box is full so I'm posting this here. Email me or pm me.
I was wondering how you wanted me to get you my footage from lspr. I had 2 hd cameras for most of day 2 and my camera decided not to run after the first pass of green acres on the first day because it ended up getting too wet. (It ended up turning back on after a night of drying.) Here's what we ended up doing.
Green acres first pass - One hd camera
Beacon hill - 1 panning standard def/ 1 stationary standard def
We skipped the night stuff on day one because we just couldnt keep the cameras going in the mud and rain.
Menge Creek 1 - 1 panning hd/ 1 stationary hd/ 2 stationary standard def
Arvon Tower 1 - 1 panning hd/ 1 stationary hd/ 2 stationary standard def (spec point)
Baraga Plains 2 - 1 panning hd/ 1 stationary hd/ 2 stationary standard def
Herman 2 - 1 panning hd/ 2 stationary standard def
Let me know what you want. I can next day the memory cards from the hds or something or put stuff on dvd. Chris Greenhouse blew up right in front of me on menge btw.

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Thanks Eric & Ben for doing the updates. Always nice to have someone ask us what's going on with our rally.

I'm still amazed at the conditions for Friday, especially Beacon Hill and Bob Lake 1 & 2. I don't think the car was ever pointed straight down the road. Mark was constantly sawing back and forth on the steering wheel to keep it going straight. But for RWD in those conditions... like pushing a wet noodle. I can't wait to review incar video.

All in all I think we put in a good stage time for Passmore. I can only imagine what it would have been had our wheel not come loose.

For the record we started day 2 with the hope that our car just had some minor problem. We changed the plugs out during parc expose and tried a few other things. We started stage 10 but we quickly realized we had a major ignition problem. The car just wouldn't go and eventually got so bad on the transit back to L'Anse that we were driving on the shoulder at 15mph avoiding being hit by the other cars on the highway. We'll fully diagnose the problem this week but we suspect the distributor.

For Mark and I in our 70 bug, it felt like we were rallying back in the good'ol days in those conditions. At least that's what I invision whenever I hear the old timers talking.

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For Chris and myself; Thank you thank you thank you.
Chris' first max-attack was a great one and reminded him after a few years off and many years after the fire- arrow that REAL wheel drive = Max Fun.
We had our issues this weekend for sure, but dealing with them is part of rally eh? !!!

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Thanks Eric and Ben for the updates. I liked reading them at the end of the weekend and seeing what everyone else was going through.

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Billy/Martin/Matt...thank you for the flattering comments/congrats/mentions...we sincerely appreciate it, as well as everyones show of support at the event itself...thank you all. AND to Ben/Eric yet again for their tireless efforts on behalf of Jake and 2wd in North America, you guys rule! AND to all of the competitors that we able to come-out and support the awesome ideal that is MaxAttack! It was certainly an event to remember on a multitude of levels, and our hearts go out to every team that ran into issues that prevented them from being able to battle right to the end. On a more +ve note, congrats to everyone that managed to walk away with some hardware and to everyone that was fortunate enough to simply finish the event. That said and with another MaxAttack! round in the books, we look forward to the day the most efficient drivers in all the land/continent are able to converge on a single given event...now that would be epic!

Jan & Jody Zedril (#708)
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