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Just a short note here. We have had many people wanting to have information on the NASA Michigan event. Named the Manistee Forest Rally, "MFR", Sept 10,2005 out of Cadillac, Michigan . It is still on very much so. Our regular web site will be up in a few days. It will not be totally complete ,but will give much needed information,and be up-dated every couple of days as we have a very good rally experienced, web master on board.
I can say this much,the event will consist of 6 stages just under 40 miles at an early fee of $300. It will be done in the tulip, incriment style format.
We have a past SCCA R.E. from the old 20 Stages and Northen Lights days, (70' & 80's), along with working 03 CFR and 05 Sno-Drift coming out of retirement to be our Chief of Controls and John Shirley has consented to be our clerk of the course, this combined with a few Michigan rally car owners helping on 00 / 0, set-up, lay out and my recce car with terra-trip, we have things well in hand. But as with all events we can always use gung ho workers.
Either E me or wait for the web site,which will be as soon as we can re-check it and get NASA officials to view it..
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any thought as to whether you'll be accepting RA licenses at this event or would RA folks get to buy one?

I thought some other NASA sanctioned events earlier this year accepted RA licenses.

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