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Deep fresh snow rallies are the funnest, except for having to tow there in them and the organizer having to pay to have the roads plowed.
Driver skill and smoothness is key, not how much power the car has. Deep snow banks lining the road to cushion or prevent most off road excursions.

And we all have new snow tires that we couldn't use at Tall Pines!

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> My grandparents live in Rangely Maine and as of 5:00pm
>today they had 44 inches of snow on the ground and it was
>still coming down. :9
This is the one John Buffum was always concerned about happening which I understand is why he quit doing Maine in the winter. Too great a chance of too may people getting stranded for several days x(

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>manhattan: dirtless woe in the summer


Try Sylvan Place near East 121st St, between 3rd and Lex. A good 60ft of dirt.

There's another dirt road somewhere near Reade St. downtown(!), but I can't seem to find the name of it. I'll have another look today.

>best - isaac

- Christian

Bjorn Christian Edstrom

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NYC & dirt

60 feet??

Around here that is a driveway.

<g> press on,

>Try Sylvan Place near East 121st St, between 3rd and Lex. A
>good 60ft of dirt.
>There's another dirt road

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>Anyone else glad it got cancelled a couple months ago? It
>was supposed to go on this weekend. Latest report from the
>Rangley Lake Region is they've gotten 36" of snow, with a
>bunch more to come.


How can you be GLAD an event got canelled?

If you don't like the snow...stay home, and the people who want to run, run

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Yes, it's too bad we missed the awesome opportunity to play with rally cars in deep new pow-pow.

One minor point...rally was scheduled for Saturday, and the snow didn't start falling heavily until Sat nite. Heck, all the workers would have been out of the woods by then...and most of the wrecked cars, even!

MFW 03 would have been another one of those notorious "winter roads, summer ditches" events, unless it was held on Sunday, in which case the tales would have been told and retold for many years! (and/or the rally cars and workers woulda been buried in the Maine Woods until next May)

So, too bad Lancia 037...gotta keep those new race snows on hand for a while longer. Like Perce Neige....

cheers, Dave G

"...Embrace loose gravel, beware big trees..."
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