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RA updates seem to be delayed significantly. Anybody at MFR on wireless, or getting news on the phone?

Comments, in no particular order:

- Travis and Christian seemed to be going well before things went pear-shaped.

- Nice to see Chris Havas get through Friday without those nagging driveshaft problems.

- Thumper going out makes this like the Tour de France, post Lance: anybody's game.

- Where's Seamus? (I'm out of the loop this year)

- Awfully thin field outside of Grp. N and Open -- shame to see a premier event like this reduced to having "automatic podiums".

- Anybody seen Vinnie Frontinan recently?

- Morgan make it out from LA?

Best - Isaac in NYC

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You just never know in this rally business do you?
A couple weeks ago at Baie, there were no mechanicals anywhere near the top and the goofs only took out two in the last two stages.
At Maine, it looked like no one was going to make it to the end.
Hope everyone's stuff is easily fixed and ready to go soon.
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