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Reposting this in the main forum since no one seems to have seen it in the NEDIV forum (or people are completely ignoring it!)

Adrian still has a bad back, Tom Pinkham is getting married (fool), Brian Johnson is going to that wedding, Keith Kreisler loses his lunch....so that pretty much leaves us without a codriver for Maine!
We are entering the Pro & Club in the WRX-which has just been rebuilt after deciding to vent a connecting rod at Sandhills.
Maine experience preferred-and financial help towards the entry if you have a nice trust fund.
Will provide food, beer and backrubs courtesy of Eurosport Rally's massage squad.
Please email me at [email protected].
We should also have a new clothing sponsor for the event-so if all goes well the codriver will get some cool swag to take home.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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