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Welcome to the Magnum Opus Rally 2013....

We are very excited to bring back an historic event to Michigan after many years of absence for the 2nd running of Magnum Opus. First run in Marquette, then moved to Munising, and now headquartered in Newberry, the new Magnum Opus will run on April 20th, 2013. We are currently picking new stages for the 2013 event so stay tuned for updates, Magnum Opus will still be ‘route book only, no recce’. Nothing fancy, just a good old school, single day rally in da U.P., eh?

Some of the comments from last years event were considered including keeping it to a 1 day event. More challenging stages. Longer stages, and finishing earlier.

We will keep everyone updated via the www.magnumopusrally.com website. Look for more information in the near future.


2013 Magnum Opus Rally organizing team

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