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>I knew about the tequilla, I just didn't know you had
>musical talents too.

Hmmm. Might be my South American alter-egos. Except for that insidious tequilla plot at the national convention (whatcha have to say for yourself Shortcakes, darlin) I haven't imbibed any hard liquor since I was last divorced (many months were spent trying to develop a taste for that stuff with no luck), the only musical bones in my body are in my ears and I have yet to drive a Forc Fodus of any ilk. Although, given the choice of the three I'd prefer a go at the rally car, thank you very much.


Halley ...

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Wow....and I thought I was going to learn about Rally when I signed up with SS.com.....Little did I know it'd be a Spanish lesson too.

Something about - we go to do our music to finish Carlos Sainz first?

Course its been a lot of years since I tried Spanish. :)

That was fun! Holly

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"Nuestras musica vamos a hacer Carlos Sainz termina primera!"
Our (nuestras) music (musica) is going to (vamos a) make (hacer, means to make/to do) Carlos Sainz finish (termina) first (primera)

Wait, just discovered an error, it should be "Nuestras musica VA a hacer Carlos Sainz termina primera!" because the subject is music not we, I'm an idiot :)

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