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Keep in mind, I've just finished evaluating the latest addition to the Houghton dining scene. They also serve beer. *Good* beer. My typing may not be up to snuff.

As you all know, LSPR marks the end of an erra. But more importantly, it's also the beginning of something new. And there's no better way to get off to a great start than by getting everybody together, face to face. Opinions will be formed, arguments will be had. But, the groundwork will be laid. If you're interested in making sure your voice is heard, show up at LSPR, and a buy a beverage for someone who will listen. And buy lots of beverages for those who will act on it.

But more importantly, come to LSPR because, well, it freakin' rocks. We live for this up here. The yooper sports car event calendar revolves around LSPR. Numerous people have poured their heart and soul into this in ways you can't even imagine. Not everybody around here knows what ProRally or the LSPR is, but they all know what the POR is.

I've been to a few other ClubRallies and ProRallies, but you can't beat the location for LSPR for a rally. *Everybody* likes to see the rally come to town. The next biggest thing we have is a frickin' walleye fishing tournament fer chrissakes. Houghton's got a lot to offer, especially for a small town. Arrive early. Stay late. Check out the historical and natural sights the area has to offer. Where else could you go from God's country to post-industrial wasteland in a few miles? And equally enjoy both?

But by all means, volunteer. *Everybody* in the UP volunteers for something. And we appreciate those who chip in and lend a hand. "I'm helping out with the POR" will get you a lot farther than "I'm here to watch the ProRally".

And the fact that it's the last rally of the SCCA reign? Shoot, it's like we're about to graduate from rally high school and move on to rally college. You do remember the end of year hijinks from your senior year, don't you? The stories from this rally will be passed down for generations. Children will sing songs about it. You better have a good excuse to give your grandkids to explain why you missed it.

And finally, come out and be safe. Nothing could make a better statement to future insurers and sponsors more than thousands of volunteers, spectators, and competitors having a blast while taking the time to be safe about it.

See you there,


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Those of us in LSR are familiar with change. Remember when another region decided not to sponsor the POR for whatever reason? Well, the Lake Superior Region stepped up and carried on. And this is our 10th anniversary of an excellant decision on our part, even if I say so myself. Rally was here before the SCCA picked us up and we will carry on "regardless".

To echo James...come on up and join us. This may be the last SCCA sponsored rally, but it won't be the last rally up here. Am I making a leap of faith? You betcha. My favorite description of LSPR was something I overheard in a crowded room: "Where else can you have this much fun out in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night and still have your clothes on?" I would add, "and not get paid".

Come share the excitement, the stories, sights and sounds of what has become known as the Oldest - Toughest - Meanest Pro Rally around.

Sue Martens
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