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Lake Superior Region Car Club announces they will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Lake Superior Preformance Rally with some changes at the top. Long time LSPR(POR) worker and past 4 year Chairman Dean Rushford is stepping down as Chairman and will retire from active rally leadership and hand the role over to three people within the club. Sue Martens- 19 yr member and past registrar will lead the trio along with her son Charlie Martens and LSPR Mentor Jay Topping. Charlie comes to the top with many years of working several jobs with in the rally organization and Jay Topping former Co-driver of several rallies also has held several posts within the LSPR family mostly known for Co-Chief of Controls operations.

The team is collecting information from those interested in jumping into the positions opened by Sue and Charlie do to their new jobs.
Please contact Sue Martens for details and let her know what you can do and have to offer.
As always, LSPR is planning a great year end event for the 8th and final round Rally America Series in the beautiful Upper Peninsula along the south shore of our namesake Lake Superior.

Please keep on eye on twitter and our web site for updates.

Dean Rushford
LSPR - retired
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