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Yep, it's that time of year again. Come hungry, and don't you dare set foot in some lame chain restaurant- with this guide, you'll be able to do much better.

I'm just going to touch on the highlights as I'm a bit busy today, if you're looking for more details, look up my old LSPR dining guide in the archives. Rest assured, it's hard to go wrong if you pick a local restaurant. All of them have something to offer. These are just my favorites.

Restaurants (We'll head east to west through Houghton and touch on outlying areas after that).

Pilgrim River Steak House: Great steak, what can I say? Lots of sandwhiches for those on a budget as well. Shame about their poor beer selection though. My Favorites: Steak Caesar Salad, Chicken Caprese Sandwhich, Onion Rings.

Library: Well, duh. You all know about this. Not much needs to be said here. The current batch of IPA seems exceptionally strong. I'm not a huge fan of the food here, but it's definately not bad. Favorites: Shafthouse Stout, Guru IPA, Rock Harbor Light Ale, House Soup.

Victoria's Kitchen (formerly Marie's Deli): The best spot for breakfast. Good lunch as well. Somewhat exotic, be prepared to try something new. Everything is made from scratch in this place. Favorites: Chicken Fiesta Omelet, Western Omelet, Siberian Turkey sandwhich, and always get a side of spicy potatoes.

Suomi Cafe: Another good spot for breakfast with more traditional fare. Favorites: Blueberry Pancakes.

Ambassador: The famous fishbowls are always good for pure, drunken excess. The food is also excellent as well. Neat paintings on the ceiling to stare at when you pass out on the floor. Jukebox has a few good tunes in it. Favorites: Long Island and Scorpion fishbowls, garlic chicken and tostada pizzas, sub sandwhiches, and garlic toast with their homemade ranch dressing.

Moving over to Hancock-

Nutini's Supper Club: Nice quiet place to get away from the library madhouse. Comfortable booths and low lighting make this a good place to sit for awhile. Prices are high and food selections are kind of hit and miss in quality, but I really like this place for some reason. Favorites: Guinness and Newcastle on tap, philly cheese steak pizza on sourdough crust, lasagna.

Gemignani's: Good, basic italian food. Another nice, quiet place. Favorites: Coffee, Chicken Caesar Salad.

And finally, some of the places out of town:

Michigan House Cafe (Calumet): Neat place with historic connection to the old Bosch brewery. Excellent food, great selection of beer. Prices are moderate. Favorites: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap, Fish N' Chips, Big Burrito (really, it is big), and the apple pie (just try and finish a big burrito and one of their slices of pie),

Hut Inn (Kearsarge): Interior must be seen to be believed. Tall people, watch your head. Kind of an old folks place, and no alcohol, but has some of my favorite local dishes. Favorites: Danwhich and an apple dumpling with ice cream, there is no substitute.

Patrick's Pub N' Pasty (Kearsarge): From the same folks who brought you the Hut Inn comes another unique restaurant with a neat log cabin interior. Giant portions for low prices. Favorites: Venison Chili, the bowl is the size of a hot tub.

Mariner North (Copper Harbor): Check out the fancy bird's eye maple furniture in this place. I regularly make the drive from pelkie to copper harbor just to go eat at this place. Favorites: Bell's on tap, Freighter sandwhich, Seafood chowder.

UP Chuck's (Kenton): The basic burger at its best. Interesting conversations between locals to be overheard. While doing scoring there last year, we listened to a local sportsman wax poetic about a certain tree with a feature remarkably similar to a particular part of the female anatomy. We think he had been out in the woods way too long.

Need something for the road? Fallon's in hancock makes great sun sandwhiches. The Keweenaw Co-op is a great place to stop for all kinds of muchies and deli food, especially if you lean towards the granola munching type.

That's all for this year. If you're a professional computer geek who happens to be in town on wednesday night, send me an email and hook up with the Virtual Saturday crew- a group of geeks who get together to drink, bitch about work, and drink some more.

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>Ambassador: The famous fishbowls are always good for pure,
>drunken excess. The food is also excellent as well. Neat
>paintings on the ceiling to stare at when you pass out on
>the floor. Jukebox has a few good tunes in it. Favorites:
>Long Island and Scorpion fishbowls, garlic chicken and
>tostada pizzas, sub sandwhiches, and garlic toast with their
>homemade ranch dressing.

All this, and you get a Specialstage.com poster (well, an infrequent one) making you dinner! I'll be working Thursday night, give us a wave in the kitchen.

Additionally, if you want something less intestinally damaging than a fishbowl, go for the cook's favorite, Paulaner Hefe-Weizen.
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