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>If me and my driver can do it, it will be our first event.
>What else do we need to get sorted before we enter???

First, you should figure out how to contact the LSPR organizers...which is probably through their website, not here.

Next, you'll need a rally car...ready to run and with an SCCA logbook. If you're in Central Division, contact me - I can help you with the logbook part.

You and your codriver will need approved helmets and suits.

You should probably familiarize yourself with the Performance Rally Rulebook...you should at least know everything concerning your CAR'S required equipment.

Before you compete, you need to be an SCCA member, but that can be done at the event if necessary. You'll take a two-hour class at the event (all ClubRallies must offer them) to get a temporary license for the weekend. It will teach you the mechanics of rally and basic safety stuff.

These are the bare minimums...I'm sure other folks will chime in here with what you SHOULD know/do/buy/etc. before your first event.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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