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The 5" decals will start shipping today. I have been "weeding" (the process of removing the unwanted vinyl) them for a few nights now and will continue working on them a couple of hours a night 'till they are all out.

The 2.5" decals are another story. due to there small size, they are very dificult to weed. Weeding 5 or 6 of them is very do-able, but me weeding 200 of them myself is going to take forever. I am sending them un-weeded and will include instructions and an extra one in case you mess up. Sorry, but if I don't do it this way, you will probably never get them... If you would prefer changing your request to 5" decals, just e-mail me before thursday (I wont send any orders with 2.5" requests out 'till then)

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Ok, all requested decals have been mailed. In my haste, I forgot to put the instructions for the small decals in many of the envelopes, so here they are:

These decals are going to be difficult to prepare, so if you lack fine motor control or patience, find someone else to do it. (seriously)

Recommended tools: good pair of Tweezers, small pointy object (I used a small punch awl, a straightened paperclip will probably work too).

Work in a well-lit area (especially important when working with the white vinyl). Also, the colder the work area the better. The vinyl is very soft in higher temperatures (this task will be near impossible at anything over 80f or so)

Start by removing the center of the 0's on the bottom line. These should come out relatively easily. You can use the tweezers to "pinch" the vinyl and just lift it off the backing. Next move on to the center of the "4", and then the area surrounding the "4".

Ok, now the tough parts. The names are cut out of the solid color block at the top of the decal. Most of the letters will come out easily. Work from right to left, bottom to top (it just seems to work easier this way). The first 'problem' you should encounter will be the center of the 'a' on 'Freeman'. It will want to come up with the part you are removing. Use your "small pointy object" to hold it down while you remove the rest of the 'a'. Don?t worry if it moves a little, you can move it back, but DO NOT LET IT TOUCH ANY OTHER VINYL! This stuff has some magical bonding properties that will make it near impossible to remove vinyl from vinyl. Continue removing the letters, being especially careful with the 'e's and 'o's.

Remove the center of the 'e' and 'o's in the top line.

Finally, make a small cut from the "frame" to the outside of the remaining vinyl so that it can be removed as a strip instead of a box. Be careful when removing the bottom part, the '2's like to come up (I wouldn?t worry about the comma, it?s pretty much a lost cause). Use your "small pointy object" to help here too. The top part should come off pretty cleanly.

To apply the decal, cover it entirely with masking tape (overlapping the tape a little on each pass. Press the tape firmly on the top of the decal so that it is sure to lift the entire decal off the backing material together. A small amount of water can be used on the surface to which the decal is going to be applied and will allow for the decals to be positioned a little once it is set in place. Once the decal is in place, firmly press all the water our from under it (a bondo squeegee or similar will help with this). Once this is done, rub some water on the back of the masking tape. Saturate the tape so that it will release from the vinyl. Carefully peal the masking tape off. If the vinyl tries to come up, press it down again (with the masking tape) and try getting the masking tape wet again.

I hope this helps and you are able to get these decals applied successfully. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Only Tangential

Not deserving of its own thread, I chose to put this here.... As I was unpacking/repacking for Ojibwe, I stumbled across pages 4 and 5 of my Oregon Trail route book. Below is what I had scribbled there.

11:42 AM, Saturday

It has been only a few minutes since we were told that Mark Lovell and Roger Freeman died in a crash. We haven't heard any confirmation, but have been diverted directly to Vernonia. I'm scribbling on this transit to try and capture what I'm feeling, but at this point there's a numbness in the car.

Leon just asked what I'm writing. I said "I'm trying to capture my feelings--that's how I deal with stuff." It was then that I got choked up. Leon has already been crying. I offered to "take dictation" if he'd like.

Every car in front of us, and everyone behind, is probably wrestling with the same terrible conflicts. Shock a the loss of two talented competitors; grief for their families--we are all one family in the rally community--and yet maybe selfishness too, a healthy dose to go with the guilt of wanting to see our sport continue.

Yes, I feel stupidly selfish, just as I did when Reidy and Smith died at Samill six weeks ago.

On the flip side, some of the passion is gone, the fight lost from the soldiers in the field. I'll work through this I'm sure, ready at some point to again don helmet and armor, but for now if they want to shut it down, I won't protest too loudly, at least not at first.


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