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Does anyone have an old rally car that would pass tech for hire?(June 13,14th)PAC rally

I'm not looking for a competitive car by any means, just something to drive through the stages and get a little insight as to what rallying is all about. I am currently building a rally car that isn't going to be completed untill late fall. Myself and co-driver would like to get a little seat time and experiance with stage notes because both of us can't wait untill fall to have this much FUN!

If there is a chance the car could last at least most of a day with carefull driving I would be intrested in renting it, like I said competitive results are not at all what were after. Id like to keep the costs below $500 u.s. and can put tires on the car if needed. We could work out a deposit on the body work as well. I won't be upset if the the car brakes down, I know its the nature of the game.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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