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I would like to find out how many rally enthusiasts in the San Diego area would be interested in getting together every once in a while, in a central location, to watch the latest WRC coverage, other rally videos, swap stories and show off their cars. My concept is that we will get together at an accommodating sports bar on Sunday or Monday evening the weekend of a WRC round and watch the latest footage from EuroSport. By Sunday we can normally have the preview show, and days one and two – an hour and a half of coverage. We can also throw in the review show from the last rally for another hour. If we do it on Monday nights, we will probably have all 3 days, but I think Sunday is going to be better for most people since we won’t have to fight the horrible work day San Diego traffic.

Most sports bars are probably pretty slow on Sundays and will welcome the opportunity to attract a group of people to hang out and eat and drink for a few hours. I’m sure they will be more than willing to dedicate a group of TVs for us.

I think we should try to set something up for the Argentina event April 30th. That gives us a whole month to figure out how many people will show up and arrange a suitable venue. Corsica is too soon to get it organized, and besides, I plan to be in Long Beach that weekend for the CART race.

If you are interested, contact me via email and give me your name and email address. Let me know how many people you think you would bring with you. Also if you have any recommendations on a suitable venue, that would be great. Be sure to pass the word on to any other San Diego based rally nuts you know, so they can get in touch with me as well.

Who knows, maybe someone is already doing this. If so, why wasn’t I invited?
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