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I am working on the research portion of a 2 piece article about rallying Zcars, their history and their present. To do this I would like to talk to as many former racers as possible, both for some insight and possibly to negotiate purchasing any vintage photos they may have that we can use in the article.

If you see any names you recognize, or if you see your name, please respond or e-mail me at [email protected].

Also if you know of anyone that ran/runs an old Zcar thats not on the list please let me know, I haven't intentionally left anyone off, its more likely I didn't find them when I was looking through old entry lists and results.

Karl Goering
John & Carol Smiskol
Rick Hintz
Steve Nowicki-had a championship (PGT class) in the car in 1985, would really like to find him
Karl Stoolmiller
Hazzie Quick
Troy Sika
Robert Douglas III
John Fouse
Martin Kaspers
Tom (Thomas) Bell
John Witt
Larry Ward
Bruce Fisher
Dale R. Atkins
Andy Wos
Andrew Klos
Nobuhiro Tajima
Mike Gibeault
Ron Jones
Gerry Koenders
Rich/Rick Swenson
Kurt Weisner
Albert Rocca
Casey Kronson
Dave Paisley
Joe Reilly
Art Kaser
Richard Messal
Wes Gaede
Guenter Kern
Elliott Woodword
Ralph Brooks
Walt Wagner
Terry Ayers
Greg Healy
Greg Usavage
Scott Trinder
Ottis Airhart
Bob Chandler

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1./ for John Fouse, try e-mailing dennis AT rallybc DOT com

2./ for Trinders @ Panama-Alaska Marathon Rally...I think they might've sold this car on to Rick Hintz

3./ Bob Chandler has rallied the Z-car on Thunderbird a couple of times. Not sure if it's finally been retired, but I haven't seen the car (or Bob!) in a couple of years. For photos try searching at www.rallybc.com and look up TSD, Thunderbird during 1999 or 2000.

Good luck,

Bill Westhead

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The Cabardos brothers ran one in the late 80s - very fast. Louis is a member of the Peterboro Club. A picture of their car has been featured in some of the Tall Pines promotional material.


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I chased Sven Halle around the Olympic Mountains on '73 Olympus

Pretty sure that was a 240...

Martin or Taisto or maybe Paul might have more info...

eating dust taking photos
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I would love to find Steve Noicki, not just because he rallied the same car I rallycross but because as far as I can tell he is the only person to win a SCCA rally championship in a Zcar.....
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