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RE: heartbreaker

Awww Man!!!!

I thought I had the Z out of my system. This is like trying to be someone you aren't and finally realizing it. That pic of a rally prepped Z car is too much for my heart to bear. I used to have a sweet 76 280 with the R200 rear end and the close ratio 5 speed. It had a header and huge pipe. That baby screamed. I will never have another car that fun again. Ever. It just had this in your face, close to the action, feel.

If I could pick one car, well two cars, to have in my driveway they would be my 99 Caravan and a beat up old Z I could go pound on.

I wanted to rally a Z. That was the whole plan. I still do I just pretend I don't. I thought I had kicked the habit.

Kevin you just rebroke my heart. I hope this thread goes away fast because this old wound hurts man.

1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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