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>>Actually Doug, I'm pretty sure it was Karl Goering, not
>>Smiskol, that drove one of the Pacesetter Z's with Wayne
>>Zitkus co-driving in that three car team. Smiskol had a 510
>>(that I later bought) during the 72 POR but he did
>>ultimately buy one of the Pacesetters and rallied it before
>>he prepped a 260.
>I think you are correct.
>One nice thing about being an old rally fart is that, when
>we make a mistake, we have a built in excuse ;).
>Doug Woods


Smiskol never had a Pacesetter Z. The only one to come to the Chicago area was bought by Larry Johnson who totaled it while running lead car on a local TSD and lost his life in the accident.

It is correct that John had a 510, I believe a 71 2-door and as best as I can remember, he and Carol, after they were married bought a brand new 260Z and immediately stripped it, acid dipped it, etc as he turned it into a rally car. The first event for the car was the 1974 Rideau Lakes where I crewed for him and then POR. Don't know what became of the car but, I am relatevely sure John never owned one of Bob Henderson's Pacesetter Z's. After the Z Car, John bought one of JB's TR's and rallied it for awhile until he stopped Performance Rallies.

David Weiman
[email protected]
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