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Looking for some driver from the 70s and 80s, please help

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I am working on the research portion of a 2 piece article about rallying Zcars, their history and their present. To do this I would like to talk to as many former racers as possible, both for some insight and possibly to negotiate purchasing any vintage photos they may have that we can use in the article.

If you see any names you recognize, or if you see your name, please respond or e-mail me at [email protected].

Also if you know of anyone that ran/runs an old Zcar thats not on the list please let me know, I haven't intentionally left anyone off, its more likely I didn't find them when I was looking through old entry lists and results.

Karl Goering
John & Carol Smiskol
Rick Hintz
Steve Nowicki-had a championship (PGT class) in the car in 1985, would really like to find him
Karl Stoolmiller
Hazzie Quick
Troy Sika
Robert Douglas III
John Fouse
Martin Kaspers
Tom (Thomas) Bell
John Witt
Larry Ward
Bruce Fisher
Dale R. Atkins
Andy Wos
Andrew Klos
Nobuhiro Tajima
Mike Gibeault
Ron Jones
Gerry Koenders
Rich/Rick Swenson
Kurt Weisner
Albert Rocca
Casey Kronson
Dave Paisley
Joe Reilly
Art Kaser
Richard Messal
Wes Gaede
Guenter Kern
Elliott Woodword
Ralph Brooks
Walt Wagner
Terry Ayers
Greg Healy
Greg Usavage
Scott Trinder
Ottis Airhart
Bob Chandler

Edit to add Ottis Airhart, Bob Chandler, and remove an incorrect name
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>>Actually Doug, I'm pretty sure it was Karl Goering, not
>>Smiskol, that drove one of the Pacesetter Z's with Wayne
>>Zitkus co-driving in that three car team. Smiskol had a 510
>>(that I later bought) during the 72 POR but he did
>>ultimately buy one of the Pacesetters and rallied it before
>>he prepped a 260.
>I think you are correct.
>One nice thing about being an old rally fart is that, when
>we make a mistake, we have a built in excuse ;).
>Doug Woods


Smiskol never had a Pacesetter Z. The only one to come to the Chicago area was bought by Larry Johnson who totaled it while running lead car on a local TSD and lost his life in the accident.

It is correct that John had a 510, I believe a 71 2-door and as best as I can remember, he and Carol, after they were married bought a brand new 260Z and immediately stripped it, acid dipped it, etc as he turned it into a rally car. The first event for the car was the 1974 Rideau Lakes where I crewed for him and then POR. Don't know what became of the car but, I am relatevely sure John never owned one of Bob Henderson's Pacesetter Z's. After the Z Car, John bought one of JB's TR's and rallied it for awhile until he stopped Performance Rallies.

David Weiman
[email protected]
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1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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