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I'll e-mail you. Sounds like a cool project on such a cool classic car series.

The Jim Culp pic above is of me in my 1970 240Z. He has a lot of really good pictures. I've got a bunch more pictures electronically, but they're mostly just copied from the websites of Jim, Jamie Thomas, and Tim Winker. One I actually bought from Tim Winker, and he also sold to Nissan who used it in the 350Z launch advertising campaign, and now in the books commemorating the successful launch. Tim's got more info on his historic rally car site (I can't seem to find it right now).

I bought the car from Bob and Scott Trinder. Bob's name should be added to your list - I think he rallied other Zs in Britain before this one, which they took from Panama to Alaska, in addition to some stage rallies.

Also, I believe the Gibeaults still do have a beautiful Z body on a Safari suspension, for sale. If this fires everybody up maybe that will change.
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