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Ron Jones' car was Chevy powered, back in the days when that was legal. These days Ron is a writer living in Carlsbad, New Mexico. His website is at www.carlsbadnm.com/ronjones.

Someone who definitely should be on your list is Hendrik Blok, who ran a Z before building the infamous all-singing, all-dancing 510 and subsequent Mitsubishis. There a bunch of us old farts who could tell you Hendrik stories for hours - talk to Mike Gibeault, Ray Hocker, etc.

Last I heard, Hendrik had returned to Europe, had done some historic rallying in a 911, and I think that I heard that he had passed away a couple of years ago. Anyone know for sure?

I believe that John Smiskol's only national Pro Rally overall win was at Big Bend Bash in '78 or so, driving the Z. I have a photo somewhere.

Jim Pettengill
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