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Here are some links from my site (rallyalmanac.com). I discovered in the process of looking these up that paging doesn't work right in the vehicle/event/driver list. I'll get it fixed. However, it is working OK for the main list which shows everything, but you just have to go through all of the pages to get there.


This is Wayne Zitkus's Datsun 240 Z with a crumpled roof. co-drove for Karl Goering of Northville, MI in one of the Pacesetter Z's. The other two were crewed by Tom Jones/Ralph Beckman (who were the only finisher of the three in 2nd place IIRC) and Guy and Gilles Vanier of Quebec. This is the 1972 POR.


John and Carol Smiskol power their Datsun 260Z (?) through the woods at the 1975 Marathon 400 rally.


Paul Jaeger offers: I believe the Red 240Z was Daryl Holder out of Huntsville, Alabama. They ran a MGB about 1972 in the POR and other events and then moved up to the Z. They deliberately had the Coopers mounted that way. The Z's last rally was on one of the Happiness is Sunrise rallies (maybe '75 or '76) They rolled the car badly somewhere north of Renova. They didn't have a service crew and I volunteered to drive them out to try to retrieve the car. When I left them they were getting a tow truck to get it out of the woods and arranging to fly home. This is also from the Marathon 400. (Photo by Mike Creech)


Ralph Brooks and Dick Messel slide their "Z" through the early morning spectator stage at the 1974 Marathon 400 rally. (Phot credit: Eric Anderson)

Ralph Brooks and Dick Messel give flying lessons during the 1975 Tulip 200 rally. This stage is located in Southeastern Ohio, and Tulip this year was a part of the Ohio Forest Rally series. (Those are my parents in the background...) Photo credit: Richard Christensen

One of the Pacesetter Zs on the 1972 POR

The Smiskols pilot their Datsun Z through the 1974 POR ruts.

See the ruts? See the ruts go the wrong way. See the car follow the ruts? Oops. This is a Datsun 240 on the 1972 POR.
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