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Looking for some driver from the 70s and 80s, please help

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I am working on the research portion of a 2 piece article about rallying Zcars, their history and their present. To do this I would like to talk to as many former racers as possible, both for some insight and possibly to negotiate purchasing any vintage photos they may have that we can use in the article.

If you see any names you recognize, or if you see your name, please respond or e-mail me at [email protected].

Also if you know of anyone that ran/runs an old Zcar thats not on the list please let me know, I haven't intentionally left anyone off, its more likely I didn't find them when I was looking through old entry lists and results.

Karl Goering
John & Carol Smiskol
Rick Hintz
Steve Nowicki-had a championship (PGT class) in the car in 1985, would really like to find him
Karl Stoolmiller
Hazzie Quick
Troy Sika
Robert Douglas III
John Fouse
Martin Kaspers
Tom (Thomas) Bell
John Witt
Larry Ward
Bruce Fisher
Dale R. Atkins
Andy Wos
Andrew Klos
Nobuhiro Tajima
Mike Gibeault
Ron Jones
Gerry Koenders
Rich/Rick Swenson
Kurt Weisner
Albert Rocca
Casey Kronson
Dave Paisley
Joe Reilly
Art Kaser
Richard Messal
Wes Gaede
Guenter Kern
Elliott Woodword
Ralph Brooks
Walt Wagner
Terry Ayers
Greg Healy
Greg Usavage
Scott Trinder
Ottis Airhart
Bob Chandler

Edit to add Ottis Airhart, Bob Chandler, and remove an incorrect name
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I am sure he will contact you himself, but Roger Gibson has John Witt's old car and is planning on running again one of these days.
According to the results from SCCA's web site, that would be Ottis Airhart/Peter Baldauf, '73 240Z, DNF. I might add that no 240Z ever built looked that good when new.
Looks like he wasn't on the results page I checked for Cherokee but I found him on the entry list, thanks guys.
It's not Donald, but John Fouse, I'll forward this on to him.

I was wondering about that but I found him in the results listed as donald and john, I wasn't sure if they were brothers, or a father son duo or what. I will correct that though.
You need to add Bob Chandler to the list. Heck, I think he still has his Z. I last saw it on a TSD in Washington 2-3 years ago.

Unfortunately, I have no contact information for Bob. But maybe some of our PNW friends?

John Fouse hangs out in Alaska.

Maybe you can cross post to the PNW and Canada West Forums.

Dale Atkins and Bruce Fisher still live near Lansing, MI.
I saw Tom Bell at LSPR,
Nowicki posts occasionally on this forum.
Kent Gardam, who posts as foghorn also drove a 240-Z for a few years. He is now co-driving.

Paul Jaeger KC8YRY
PRIMO Stage Crews
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>I forget who the driver was, but here is a pic from Cherokee


The sad thing is that this beautiful Z (plates even read "GENERAL-Z") (look closely, and it is the Japanese equivalent of the Duke Boy's ride, even to the rebel flag on the roof) rolled at a rallycross. I've got pics somewhere. There wasn't a straight panel on the thing. :(

RE: heartbreaker

Awww Man!!!!

I thought I had the Z out of my system. This is like trying to be someone you aren't and finally realizing it. That pic of a rally prepped Z car is too much for my heart to bear. I used to have a sweet 76 280 with the R200 rear end and the close ratio 5 speed. It had a header and huge pipe. That baby screamed. I will never have another car that fun again. Ever. It just had this in your face, close to the action, feel.

If I could pick one car, well two cars, to have in my driveway they would be my 99 Caravan and a beat up old Z I could go pound on.

I wanted to rally a Z. That was the whole plan. I still do I just pretend I don't. I thought I had kicked the habit.

Kevin you just rebroke my heart. I hope this thread goes away fast because this old wound hurts man.

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I had occasion to wrench on Nowicki's 300 ZX the year he won the championship (in fact, at the event he clinched the championship.) He was heard to call it a "sled"...but he and the ZX were clearly the class of PGT that year. I'll never forget the hours we spent at POR teardown that year, just so they could check the transmission ratios.

Steve is out here occasionally, but I couldn't find his profile, as I don't remember his screen name. He could probably tell you where that car is right now...if it isn't still in his garage.

I won't say for sure but I heard that the 85 PGT champion car has been totalled and destroyed :(.

I rallycross and 85 300zx......
Here's an interesting item that I happened across that might be of interest for you:


Ryan Lord
You can reach Rick Hintz at the following e-mail address:
[email protected]
He's in Japan at the moment, but he should be able to respond within a week.
Car # 207
>Steve is out here occasionally, but I couldn't find his
>profile, as I don't remember his screen name.

It's, duh, steve }>
Elliott Woodward is Jay Woodward's dad, jay is on here as jay and his email is [email protected]

He still has the 240Z in the garage, and I belive Dwane Bender also has one he is working on, do not belive they ever special stage rallyed them. Elliott was National TSD champ at some point in time.
>Also if you know of anyone that ran/runs an old Zcar thats
>not on the list please let me know, I haven't intentionally
>left anyone off, its more likely I didn't find them when I
>was looking through old entry lists and results.


You should have on your list the three drivers of the importer supported 240Zs on the 1972 POR. They were John Smiskol (already on your list), Tom Jones and Guy Vanier.

Also, although I never competed in a 240Z, in 1973 I did drive Tony Fall's Monte Carlo Rallye factory Datsun 240Z across London through rush hour traffic. It was quite interesting :).

Doug Woods
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