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Well I usually don?t write in super long reports from my rallies, but this was too wild-a-weekend for me not to so here goes, enjoy!!

Friday night, got teched, got registered, was out in a nearby field aiming my lights for the next evenings activities?when? SNEEZE! sneeze! sneeze! erm?. ?my eyes itch? sneeze!
Next thing I knew.. my eyes were swelling up?quickly!!!
Within ½ an hour, they were nearly swollen shut? I was allergic to SOMETHING out there, and spent ALL WEEKEND with swollen puffy liquid filled sinuses and in a lot of pain, needless to say, anyone that saw me, saw me w/sunglasses on! :D Thank goodness by the awards ceremonies Sunday evening, it was nearly unnoticible? :eek:}

Saturday?Nearly considered withdrawing as I felt nauseated from all of the allergy meds,and my face was so swollen it physically hurt to open my eyes? ahhh the beauty of allergies?
but I stuck with it? so the event begins?
First Stage and First hill climb my car has faced this season, I realize I have my work cut out for me as I discover that My lil Subaru is 110hp and COMPLETELY gutless up hill? 2nd gear, 45mph and on the rev limiter was about the best I could average on a steep grade! So I am figuring I will have to push a bit harder in the corners and on the straights, you know make up some time?
erm? MISTAKE ? bad Jamie! bad!?
You all know what?s next, so go on, bring on THE STUMP!

Yes.. here it is? Stage 3?. over driving? 60-70mph on slippy muddy clay - I saw the corner, hit the throttle and tried to turn in ? no response.
I said [email protected]#!$? and tapped the brakes hard, trying to get the car to turn? no response?
I said [email protected]#$$ [email protected]#@$? and crushed the brakes and yelled? ?NOOOOOOO?
As we careened head on into a 3?x3? stump?? THUMP!!!!
I was stuck?no real damage to the car (a corner light, and the bumper skin), but now I was stuck solid in the ditch with this old growth stump. Thank goodness it was old growth as I was likely doing 30mph at the time of impact?!!

Team sport and friends?..
?OK? sign out? I started digging? thinking I could shove sticks, SOMETHING under the tires and try to find grip?
This was not working?so I got out the tow rope? connected it and waited extremely impatiently I might add?
5 or 6 competitors later, Peter Hatfield in a Subaru Legacy stopped? and actually towed me out!!!! I got back on the road many cars before sweep (who was going to be VERY busy)!!!
What an awesome display of sportsmanship, friendship and SUBARU LOVE!
Odd thing is, 2 minutes later after getting back on the road? I caught and passed him :D not very nice am i! ;)

I spent the rest of the night just focusing on finishing? not trying to make up the 9 minutes I lost on the stump!
I knew my (pro)rally was over, and decided just to wait til Sunday and give the club boys a run.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Fist stage and I?m rearing to go!!!
oh I went alright!!! :D ½ way into the stage, hairpin left?
FULL THROTTLE through the corner, lift throttle coming out?
wait! I said? LIFT!!!?. erm?. the throttle pedal did not come up when I lifted.
That?s right! It was pinned flat to the floor, stuck!!!! AAARRRGGGHH!
Normally in a 1.8L, this would be a good thing! :D

But we had a downhill coming up and I was not sure what to do.
I turned the car off, pounded on the pedal, and finally it came free?.! whew
I made it to service where we discovered the plug/stopper for the throttle pedal had disappeared and there was a shard of metal left behind which was hooking the throttle pedal, pulling it to the floor! yikes!!!!

Rock from hell?
yes there?s more? Stage 4 of 5 on Sunday - trucking along at a nice speed?and BAM!! OOOOOUUUUCCCCHHH!!! I yell into the intercom?
Ask my navvie! I literally said ?ow! ow! ow!?
As my foot had just been struck by a huge rock which found it?s way straight through the floor and into my heel!!! Just below the gas pedal there was now a 6? x 3? hole.
Looked like someone had shot a mini-missle into the car!!!
Went straight into my heel, which is still throbbing like mad right now!! wow!!! is that crazy or what! that had to be the 1 spot on the car that did not have 10 coats of skidding?IT WILL NOW!

Stage 5 of 5? was COOL! :eek:) I blew the exhaust apart and I got to drive through the stage sounding like a V8!!! :eek:) hehehehe we fixed it, but for a minute there at least I sounded fast!!!

Wild weekend! I learned loads, made more friends and in spite of the allergies, really did enjoy myself! I brought home 3 more trophies for my car class?
3rd in the Pro Rally,
3rd in Club on day 1
2nd in Club on day 2

I appreciate all the support, all the kind words and good wishes? this is a great sport!
don?t ya just love it????

Jamie ? sore neck, swollen eyes, busted foot, but still grinning!!!

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>subaru's have 2 plug holes there in the bottom on either
>it hit right dead center on my side and just came straight
>up n through...
>that wont happen again!!! you can count on that...

People used to ask me why the skid plate was so big for the Neon... I just kept telling them "I value my feet".

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Yeah, we have a very long and wide skid plate on the GTX. We spent much of the last two stages surfing on it.

One plug came out of the firewall and we hit a patch of water on SS10 and a bunch of that water found its way though that hole onto to my legs.


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Hahhahaha. That was really good.

>I just hope you returned that rock, you're not supposed to
>remove any of the natural resources from the state forest
>without a permit.
>Jim Culp
>[a href="http://prorallypix.com"]prorallypix.com[/a]

Haahahaha. That was really good. Jim. :+
}> :9 :p
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