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I seem to have an issue with my login. I can log into the forums just fine, but when I click the classified link, it changes my user name to "Racinkid13". I am unable to post an ad for sale without the default email popping up, "[email protected]". I can't delete this name from the field on the form.

I have just tried changing my password, and have tried different computers (i.e. different IP address), but still it comes back.

Thank you for your help,

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I'm stretchvelcro. I noticed this a few months ago also.
Such a shame specialstage was sold to a company who's bp is profiting off of auto enthusiast forums. Capitalism ruins yet another thing...
Personally, I'd like to see a return to forum based sales ads.
You can always list it on rallyanarchy or http://www.rallyclassified.com/

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Hey guys I have made aware of this issue and as we speak I am getting my tech team to see if we can transfer the classified back into forum base rather than WP. What I can do for now is possibly create a new classified section in the forum board and just find a way to import the old classified from WP to the classified section.
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