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I don't usually post on topics such as this, as there are usually many who convey the same thoughts, if I had the ability to put mine into words. I'm not a word-smith, so bear with me.

I didn't know Mark or Roger personally, however I did meet Mark once at the hotel during Rim last year. I'm sure those who knew them will do their memory justice, and they will live forever in those memories.

After filtering through all the postings on this event, I had mixed emotions, as perhaps many of you did. Sitting with my family, watching TV, I was thinking that this moment, with my family, is way more important than some "stupid car race". Why would I intentionally put myself in harms way. Immediately following that thought, was a news clip of an 80 some-odd year old man plowing through the Farmers Market in Santa Monica, killing 8 and seriously injuring many more. Eight people were killed while walking through a craft fair during a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, by a man who could not discern between the go and stop pedal, taking 2 1/2 blocks to finally come to a stop. People jump out of airplanes, on purpose, and these people were killed simply walking down the street.

Things happen; You can do your best to avoid them, but if you go outside you are taking a risk. Everyday you are risking your life, and the lives of others, by merely living. Without passion, there is nothing to live for. I forget who told me this, but "Life is not the destination, Life is the journey."

Make your journey worth living for. I'm going to do what I love. I'm going to be with my family every chance I get, I'm going to drive in the woods as fast as my little 90hp car will carry me, and I'm going to the Upland street fair tomorrow night.

Thanks for listening.

Gabe Pari
'93 Sentra #398

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Good thoughts. While I don't necessairly ascribe to the philosophy of 'when your time's up it's up so go do whatever you want', I also don't believe in curtailing doing whatever you love or need to do because of the possibilites of the outcome. You prepare and do the best you can which is what Mark and Roger were doing. Gentlemen, rest in peace.

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Kind of reminds me of a famous racing car driver who was asked by a lady-journalist how he could possibly find the courage to strap himself into the car for each race knowing that he might die. The driver replied by asking the lady how she would want to die. "in my bed, asleep" she said. "Then how can you possibly find the courage to turn off the lights each night?" he replied.

Racing is dangerous. These recent events give us pause, as well they should. For some people this is a good time to re-evaluate their involvement in this sport, because the facts are that it could be you the next time. While I think we can learn from certain events and make sensible changes to make things safer, I personally hope we don't overreact by changing our sport, the cars, or the speeds. Just as I hope they don't ban outdoor markets, or 86 year-old drivers because of the recent tragedy in Santa Monica.


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Thank you Gabe, these were the same thoughts I was having during the drive from OT.

As I was driving home from picking up my dog's from the babysitter, at 75mph an 8 point buck decide that he could get across the freeway faster then I could get to him. Fortunately after a very quick swerve and a bit of standing on the brakes (which squeal loudly because awful pads) he changed his mind and at a dead run he made a u-turn. I didn?t even roll my SUV ;)

We could spend a lot of time staying away from things that can cause harm but what kind of life would that be?

Most of us rally types have an unquenchable urge to be on the edge, the trick is not to fall to the other side.

Maybe the edge is just an illusion and we are already in midst of the fall?

The last handful of days has prompted a lot of deep thinking.

I?ll be back, this sport has a firm grip on me.

Thank you Andrew, it is not a bad thing to try to lighten things up a bit!

Steven Perret
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Driftin4 Racing
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