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I just got home after caravaning back to the Twin Cities with Christian Edstrom who caught a flight back to New York this AM. Here's what I know:

It rained... ALOT... the roads were slipperier that eel poop.

Doug Havir withdrew as the engine wasn't ready.

Cary Kendall had a flat on SS2 and lost time on Wiitala.

Micah Wiitala was flying in the ex-Utecht PGT Eclipse!

The Payeur brothers ex-Drigert Galant was fast, but bent something in the right-rear corner of the car causing that wheel to be askew.

Spencer Prusi was leading G2 in his CRX. He didn't refuel at the service and ran out of gas near the end of the final stage. Doh!

Chris Wilke would have won G2 in his Rabbit but was penalized a minute.

Paul Koll wil more than likely be a factor in G2 in the future in the ex-Cizmas GTI. He had some pretty impressive times in his first ever rally!

Ryan Johnson broke a clutch cable on the Porsche at the start of SS1 and was in limp mode for two and a half stages until it finally quit. (Sorry Ryan. I missed the photo op at the delta.)

Eric Murray's Subaru went off the road near the end of SS4. Unsure of damage reports.

Al Kintigh was in the CPD2 Subaru (the Ojibwe winning car for Lauchlin and 2nd place at LSPR for Tim O'Neil) and was getting faster as the rally progressed. He had the fastest time on SS6 and then went out on SS7 (final stage) with an electrical gremlin.

Final results as of 1PM:

1. 1st PGT Micah Wiitala/Daniel Takkunen - Mitsubishi Eclipse 1:18:40
2. 1st Open Cary Kendall / Scott Friberg - Eagle Talon 1:19:49
3. 2nd Open Robert Borowicz/ Borowicz - Subaru WRX
4. 2nd PGT Mike Wray / John Nordlie - Subaru Legacy
5. 3rd Open Adam Payeur / Eric Payeur - Mitsubishi Galant
6. 1st G2 Brian Dondlinger / Dave Parps - Nissan SE-R
7. 2nd G2 Chris Wilke / Mike Wren - VW Rabbit
8. 4th Open Mark Poduluch / Mariusz Malik - Subaru Impreza
9. 1st G5 Bob Cutler / John Atsma - Mazda RX-7
10. 2nd PGT Hanson / Hanson - Toyota Celica All-Trac
14. 1st Prod. Grenwis / Goldman - Delores the VW GTI

Pictures at 11. PM of course. I've been awake almost 24-hours straight. Got shanghied into working and shot only one stage. Bummer.

Jerry Winker
ComicOzzie Rallysport Photography

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I was really impressed with the overall level of driving talent the field had. Overall things are much improved in that regard. I was glad to see it.

Good job to Wiitala/Takkunen. Those guys looked great out there. The car is for rent, I hear.

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is erik murray the only one to have a rally ending off?

that is pretty impressive considering the conditions.

your other left, you idiot
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I am REALLY, REALLY tired of rain. I drove through rain all day Friday to get there, and I drove through rain all day Sunday driving home (with the addded bonus of some white stuff off and on between Ironwood and Marquette in the U.P.). There might even have been more water at HW than at Rim (but here people know how to drive in rain).

Good event guys, and congrats to all the finishers (well, and the ones who didn't, also). And Stacy, I sent the sample you left with us at the finish of SS2 out to our CSI guys, and well ...

You know you are up north (and this was opening day of fishing [walleye] season), when - travelling through Walker, at 7am Sunday, I pass the Subway shop and see 2 signs in the window:
- Fresh Bait

I hate deer (way too close a call Sunday morning whilst traveling at a "moderate" rate of speed, BIG braking, and I split a pair of them - no contact), and lots of other braking.

Rachael - listen to your Dad.

press on,

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I had a blast at Headwaters even though we couldn't restart the car after stage 6 and ended up DNF'ing.
Right after stage 4 there was a strange noise coming from the transmission and when we pulled into service Whiskers said uh oh I know that noise. He and Doug then told me what I had to do to keep the clutch working the rest of the event and what was going to happen later on. The clutch pedal would go to the floor and it wouldn't disengage. I was all ready for that as I actually practiced starting the car in gear, inadvertantly once or twice. Somewhere in the middle of Stage 6 the pedal went to the floor and I knew what to do, luckly we were running a dog box and slamming gears wasn't really a problem. We got to the end of Stage 6 and saw that the car in front of us had just pulled into the control. We knew we gained some time on them. I tried grabbing neutral to coast into the control and got 2nd instead and stalled the car and it wouldn't refire. The electrical gremlin has something to do with a heavy power draw when the HID's are on and the alternator can't keep the battery charged.
I got faster after service because Doug looked at the ECU data and told me to push the right pedal to the floor more often.
I would like to thank all the organizers and workers that stood out in the rain, wind, and cold to let us all go play in the woods. It was a great event! The route had more stage miles than transit miles so we were racing all the time. If you didn't go to Headwaters you missed some great roads and a great rally. Good job everyone.

have SISU!
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You hear good Jake. However the car will not be available for Ojibwe or LSPR. The G2 Saturn is available.

We went through a lot of crap and late nights to get two cars ready for this event. Still working on the eclipes Saturday morning. Big thanks to my wife for bring the rally computer, which got lost in the garage mess and left behind. Thanks goes out to Mike Isaacs for servicing and putting in the garage time with us. Thanks to Matt Ford for helping out at service.

And thank you to everyone who worked the Headwaters rally, its was a great event and we are really, Really, REALLY glad we made it there.

Jason Takkunen

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>Ryan Johnson broke a clutch cable on the Porsche at the start
>of SS1 and was in limp mode for two and a half stages until it
>finally quit. (Sorry Ryan. I missed the photo op at the

Most ideal timing. Cars are starting to line up to start the race, I see the car I'm after, push in the clutch and it stays at the floor.
Done. You probably missed a good photo op at that moment.

I was hoping it was the clutch cable that went out, but after quickly dropping the skidplate (Thanks Broc, Gage, and Dave) and finding it intact, realized we where out of luck. We put the car in gear and used the starter to get moving hoping to make it to the end. On the transits, I was able to up shift, but found downshifting produced lots of unwanted hamburger in the tranny.

We ended up making it through the first two stages running entirely in second gear, but the starter burnt up at the start of stage 3. Without the clutch and starter, we were done.

Thanks to the other racers who helped us out. We were cheering for you all at the stage #6 spectator spot.

I'm hoping to have it running correctly for Shooting Star.

Sterling- bring your ignition system...we're going to duke it out there!

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>You hear good Jake. However the car will not be available
>for Ojibwe or LSPR. The G2 Saturn is available.

I rented the Saturn for my first two events (Snodrift and Headwaters) and had the time of my life! It is great car to drive, very well prepared, and the Sisu Rallysport poikas provided great race support.

Thank you very much, Micah, Jason, and Mike.

Dan Adamson
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