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Let the fun begin ....

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A quote from the STPR website Forum ...

"We are pleased that you are considering coming to see STPR. Directions to official spectator areas are contained in the official program which can be purchased for just $5, in Wellsboro on Friday and Saturday.

However, in order for us to assure your safety and that of competitors and workers, we will insist that spectating is done ONLY at the official spectator areas.

Spectators are ONLY authorized at official spectator locations. If you are found at an unauthorized location, you will force us to take corrective action. This will likely take the form of stopping and cancelling of that stage. Then there will be nothing for you to watch, and you will have wasted both your time and the time of all the competitors and workers.

Roads to non-authorized intersections will be blocked miles from the rally course, too far to hike in. NO entry to stages will be permitted from start or finish controls. You could miss the opportunity to see anything.

Be responsible, and do your part to insure the continuation of this great sport.

We look forward to seeing you in Wellsboro in two weeks.

Debbi Segall
Assistant Chairman, STPR "

... the possibility and likelihood of a cancellation of a half a dozen stages or more (of probably only 10 total)...oh yeah, that'll just be dandy x( Let's go for more than a half a dozen and make this a two stage sprint ... great value for the dollar/time for all those involved :( Plain ole' sucks big time for those of us responsible, veteran spectators that have traveled and spectated the right way for many a year.

Barry Wargula
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Don't confuse increased liability with decreased safety. This is what you are doing in your argument.

The basis for insurance premiums has to be directly proportional the product of the liability costs of an incident, times the liklihood of a payment for an incident, times the probablity of an incident. Overall liability may double, but if the probability of an incident, goes down by a factor of 10, then the risk and premiums are lowered.

Limiting spectating to areas gives the opportunities for better control; I know you hate that word, and I do too, but that is what we are down to. But better control and supervision are going to be the prime, and maybe only, answer here.

And, I can vote for increased control, as a competitor. The very worst spectator problems I have encountered have been at national events, with the large numbers of people. Imagine starting a stage, and people are walking down one side of the road, facing you, and you drop the hammer, and blare the air horns, and fully 25% of the spectators don't move over one inch as you accelerate towards them, THAT'S A BAD SPECTATOR PROBLEM. But, it's a true experience!

Mark B.
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Hi Kim,

You interpretation and judgement of 'unsafe' situations is the practical application of what needs to happen. However, this is not being allowed by the very recent directive on restricted areas. (Refer to post #22 of this thread at for the link.) Application of your very good common sense and judgement are not being allowed at this time.

I will continue with my entry to STPR, despite the possiblity of it being a big bust over the spectator issue. Fortunately, there are a few stages where unfettered access is difficult due to road layout and terrain, so I expect get at least a few stages in.

Mark B.
Hi Don,

I am sorry that you may withdraw, but I do respect your decision. For someone involved in this for the personal fun and rewards, your decision is understandable.

As for myself and Duffy, we will continue on with our entry. This may be a frustrating event due to shut down stages, or it may be done OK. We'll just have to wait and see.

As a spectator going back many years, I am dissappointed at the limits to access, but will work to respect them. As a competitor going back many years, I am relieved at some more control as things have gotten pretty wild, spectator-wise, in the last few years, espscially at the national events. As a practical person, I see that this just has to happen. None of us can accept the financial liability personally, so we need event insurance, and they are looking at the risk issues, and demanding a change from the almost wide-open spectator access to stages that we have now.

I do see that outside of SCCA, there are alterantives, and am interested to see how those pursuits work out. SCCA has to be concerned from the standpoint of making sure their ability to procure insurance is not at risk for a very broad array of events and activites. I am sure this is a factor in the adjustment we are having to make. It will be interesting to see the full outcome.

Mark B.
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