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Let the fun begin ....

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A quote from the STPR website Forum ...

"We are pleased that you are considering coming to see STPR. Directions to official spectator areas are contained in the official program which can be purchased for just $5, in Wellsboro on Friday and Saturday.

However, in order for us to assure your safety and that of competitors and workers, we will insist that spectating is done ONLY at the official spectator areas.

Spectators are ONLY authorized at official spectator locations. If you are found at an unauthorized location, you will force us to take corrective action. This will likely take the form of stopping and cancelling of that stage. Then there will be nothing for you to watch, and you will have wasted both your time and the time of all the competitors and workers.

Roads to non-authorized intersections will be blocked miles from the rally course, too far to hike in. NO entry to stages will be permitted from start or finish controls. You could miss the opportunity to see anything.

Be responsible, and do your part to insure the continuation of this great sport.

We look forward to seeing you in Wellsboro in two weeks.

Debbi Segall
Assistant Chairman, STPR "

... the possibility and likelihood of a cancellation of a half a dozen stages or more (of probably only 10 total)...oh yeah, that'll just be dandy x( Let's go for more than a half a dozen and make this a two stage sprint ... great value for the dollar/time for all those involved :( Plain ole' sucks big time for those of us responsible, veteran spectators that have traveled and spectated the right way for many a year.

Barry Wargula
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So KNOWLEDGEABLE spectators, standing in SAFE places...

...along the rally route, will result in the stage being cancelled?

I'm sorry, but that's just silly.

Maybe you can build some grandstands and run all the cars around and around in circles in front of them? That would be safe. :(

I'm not privy to the discussions that are going on between the SCCA, the orgainizers and the insurance companies, but we need a plan that will insure rallies as they exist, not a plan that turns enthusiastic and knowledgeable rally fans into cattle.

Let's see how many rally fans give the STPR organizers, the SCCA and the insurance companies the finger.

Let's see how Subaru and Mistubishi like having thousands of past, present, and hopefully future customers associating their sponsorship and corporate identity with such a repressive policy.

No offense Debbi, as I'm sure this wasn't your decision or preference.

Big mistake. BIG mistake! :(
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RE: So KNOWLEDGEABLE spectators, standing in SAFE places...

The solution has to originate in a realistic assessment of risks, not a knee jerk reaction to a single terrible accident. This is a typical American "lowest common denominator" approach to finding an answer--that's what I disagree with.
RE: So KNOWLEDGEABLE spectators, standing in SAFE places...

I did make the assumption that the STPR organizers were as much as ordered to take option 3. So they did. So let's leave the organizers and their Devil's Alternative out of the discussion and focus on the 3 weeks of silence (punctuated only by a few say-nothing press releases) from the SCCA.

We know NOTHING about the decisions that are being made, or the information that's being used to make those decisions. Last year at Maine, Pete Lyons was reportedly so stunned by the fan freedom that he wanted to shut down the event then and there. I suspect that Pete and others who think like him sat in a room and tried to figure out how to placate our insurance salesman (assuming it's not Pete himself, as others have suggested) without anyone there to suggest reasonable alternatives.

Again, I'm very sorry for what Debbi and her crew had to do. Must be like cutting off your hand because a doctor said you'll lose your arm if you don't, then you do it and find out he wasn't a real doctor.
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But Kim, we're not talking about rowdy spectators in dangerous places, we're talking about well behaved spectators in safe places doing everything right...

...and the stage STILL gets thrown. That's not about safety.

I don't think anyone would disagree that hot stages shouldn't have baby carriages on them. And if a group of specatators gets out of control, there should be the facility to stop or even throw the stage.
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