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Let the fun begin ....

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A quote from the STPR website Forum ...

"We are pleased that you are considering coming to see STPR. Directions to official spectator areas are contained in the official program which can be purchased for just $5, in Wellsboro on Friday and Saturday.

However, in order for us to assure your safety and that of competitors and workers, we will insist that spectating is done ONLY at the official spectator areas.

Spectators are ONLY authorized at official spectator locations. If you are found at an unauthorized location, you will force us to take corrective action. This will likely take the form of stopping and cancelling of that stage. Then there will be nothing for you to watch, and you will have wasted both your time and the time of all the competitors and workers.

Roads to non-authorized intersections will be blocked miles from the rally course, too far to hike in. NO entry to stages will be permitted from start or finish controls. You could miss the opportunity to see anything.

Be responsible, and do your part to insure the continuation of this great sport.

We look forward to seeing you in Wellsboro in two weeks.

Debbi Segall
Assistant Chairman, STPR "

... the possibility and likelihood of a cancellation of a half a dozen stages or more (of probably only 10 total)...oh yeah, that'll just be dandy x( Let's go for more than a half a dozen and make this a two stage sprint ... great value for the dollar/time for all those involved :( Plain ole' sucks big time for those of us responsible, veteran spectators that have traveled and spectated the right way for many a year.

Barry Wargula
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Thanks for the cross-post. And thank you for being a responsible spectator.

It is the committee's goal to have NO stages tossed due to spectator issues. If we all work together we will be able to achieve that goal. All constructive suggestions will be considered and we will try to keep everyone involved. But, basically, spectators can't be at risk or we can't play in the woods anymore. Since we still want to play, we have to solve the "spectators everywhere and anywhere" problem.

With the help of the terrific rally community, I am confident we can do this. We can prove to "SCCA" that rally is not only an extreme sport, it can also be a safe one for spectators and workers.

You may find this difficult to believe, but I have plenty of other things to do than keep monitoring this discussion - like rewriting our safety plan one more time. But I am trying to give you information as it becomes available to me, and to answer the politely asked appropriate questions. As some have noted, the increased pressure and the short time to accomplish the task are daunting to say the least.

Many thanks to the responsible and pragmatic in the crowd who understand that these changes WILL happen. But you can be a part of the solution.

Yes, as one person indicated, we do want and need your entry. Shall we let SCCA cancel the program because entries drop off and it becomes even more financially impossible than it is already? Oh, and to correct someone's misconception, we do not charge a fee to spectate. Never have, can't.

Be a worker. That will solve my problem of not enough staff. It will solve your problem of wanting to see the cars. Typically all of our crews have an opportunity to see something of the rally at some point. But, we do need to keep the roads open for emergency vehicles so parking has to be managed. If you are stuck with that icky task at one assignment, you will be able to watch at the next. I am sure you don't want to be in the ambulance that can't go anywhere because the road is blocked by thoughtless spectators.

Be a responsible spectator. Go to a designated spectator area and share your spot at the front of the group with the fan behind you who would like at least one good photo. Stay behind the banner. Do YOU want to be the reason Don and Trevor, et al. only get 10 miles of stages for their entry fee? Do you want to be the reason the sponsored teams lose their sponsorship because their cars aren't getting any exposure when stages are constantly cancelled.

Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't be the one trying to cross the road between cars on a stage. Jon, every worker will have the obligation to stop the action if a spectator is in an unsafe location.

For those local folks who don't see this forum, the restrictions on spectating will be in the local paper. I can't answer the question about cabin owners at this time because I just don't know.

I will try to keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Thank you all for your support now, in the past, and we hope in the future.

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