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I'm posting this publicly because others may have the same questions.

The supps say that refueling is prohibited in the service areas and is allowed only in the designated refueling area adjacent to the service areas. The next paragraph says that CL Bryant and Union 76 Racing Fuel is the Official Fuel for the event and that only fuel provided by the official supplier is allowed in the refueling area. Am I to infer from this that we are not allowed to bring our own fuel, and giving all of the fuel business to the Official Fuel people? Is this correct, or can we still supply our own fuel in some other way? Probably could use an answer on this fairly soon. Thanks.
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"For the safety and convenience of the competitors and service crews, only fuel provided by the official fuel supplier will be allowed in the refueling areas adjacent to service areas."

To me, that means that all mid-day refueling must be done using official fuel. It looks like refueling can be done on the tow & transit to the first stage on Friday, which is before the event starts, so unofficial fuel could be used. On Saturday, there appears to be two refueling opportunities that it looks like competitor supplied fuel could be used - one is before the start of stage 7 (See "Saturday Trailering" in the Supps.) and the other is on the transit between stages 7 and 8 (See "Special Fueling on Leg II" in the Supps.). On Sunday, the cars go from Parc Ferme to Parc Expose and stay there all day. While servicing is allowed while in a Parc Expose, I believe the prohibition on refueling in service will apply.

Maybe Ray will see this thread and post the definitive word.

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