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- Congrats for excellent rally! You kept calculating, mature page in difficult conditions and got great results.
- Lauchlin - Do you realize that American Rally Honor in on you shoulders this year? I'm confident you'll come through with your experinced navigator, Mark Williams, on your side.
- Good luck and don't forget to have FUN, no matter what...

EDIT: Sorry, It's my bad....time to learn how to spell 2004 American Rally Champion's name.....

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Yeah, Topi, I think we agree on that one. We're all proud of our home boy! He and Mark drove a smart race as they learned the new car. I expect we'll see even better results at Rim where Lauchlin can really shine.

Of course, Leon and I plan to wrestle with him for the podium as well!

By the way, we've got to figure out a way to keep word processing software from "correcting" the spelling of Lauchlin's name.... It seems Microsoft keeps wanting to change the name from a great driver to a great rally location!


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I think it's worth noting that the three guys on the podium were (or are) British national series champs in various classes, paid professionals, and generally considered darn fast drivers. At various points they were being beat by a number of American drivers including O'neill, Burke, Lagamann, and even Mark Utecht in an GrN car. Lauchlin held out for a great finish, and pushed the leading trio as well. ANYBODY who thinks we don't have some talent over here, or that Americans can't compete, is a FOOL! This is gonna be a good season... :)

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