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>looks like we only have to wait 75 more days for the Evo
>Ned Flanders: Homer, we just hit something!
>Homer: Ooooooh, I hope it was Flanders.
Better get ready to leave your old passé junk Evo V and those crappy VIs at the curb and hope the city will tow it away since it is "two body styles old" and therefore not fit to compete in "Pro" rally without causing, presumably, people to write indignat letters to the manufacturers about old junk, way past sell by date cars tarnishing the sterling, no! gleaming, no no wait, STELLAR!!! reputation of the SCCA.

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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