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LA Auto Show.

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Just wasted another $10 of my hard earned retirement money. The show sucks as usual. The only thing that piqued my interest, yes, I'd buy one in an instant, is the Dodge Magnum SR/T with the 425hp motor. Not one rally car did I see. What's up organizers? Saw a trio of extremely bored SCCA types at their stand. Picked up a brochure and there, as plain as day, mentioning rally! Guy walks over and asks if he could be of assistance. I was too embarrassed to talk to him. No videos showing of cone squishers, racing, etc, but RALLY! I think SCCA has a serious identity problem. Saw lots of funny looking race cars though!
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RE: DC Auto Show

It was not a WRC car, it was a stock Subi with a roll cage in it, terrible boring show:(
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